Welcome to Resource!

Corpus Christi recognizes the wide variety of learning styles in our community. While some children’s learning needs can be addressed within the classroom, others require more specialized support. In collaboration with parents and teachers, the Academic Resource Program strives to provide students with self-knowledge, learning strategies, and resources needed to experience academic and social success.

All resource students are supported by a Student Success Team (SST) which includes the child’s teacher, parents, principal, Resource Specialist and any outside professionals working with the student. The SST team meets regularly to explore student’s strengths, challenges and needs in the classroom. Together, the team sets goals and a plan of action that may include classroom accommodations, modifications, and recommendations for outside services to best fit the needs of the child.

At Corpus Christi we provide tools and resources that help ALL children in the classroom. All classrooms have access to the following tools which support learning and development of key skills:

- small group instruction
- classroom amplification sound systems 
- access to the mobile computer lab for writing and other classroom assignments
- access to Kidspiration & Inspiration software-a visual thinking and organizational tool

This website was designed to not only provide useful information to those families with children in the Academic Resource Program, but also to any parent seeking out resources to help their child reach their potential.