Welcome to Corpus Christi School
Fourth Grade!

March 24th, 2017

Dear Families, 

DRIVERS & CHAPERONES must be confirmed by Tuesday at 3:15.

We need seats for 8 students! Depending on the number of seats in cars, we may need an additional chaperone.

Drivers:  Gutherz (5), Da Silva (5), Nguyen (5), Brooke (5), Simmons (3)

Chaperones:  D' Angelo, Nguyen, Isaeff, Ratto, Vela Close, Toan

FIRST RECONCILIATION is Wednesday, March 29th! The children will receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation at 7:00 p.m. in the church. Father Leo has visited our class several times in preparation for this special day. Please have children dressed in their “Sunday Best”.

GOLD RUSH DAY IS APRIL 6TH! Please check your child’s Gold Rush Day supply list and make sure the necessary supplies are here in the classroom by March 31st. Please remind your 49ers to practice their lines over the weekend. -Thanks!

• LEMONS!  Please send lemons on April 3rd.

• PROPS!  The kids have signed up to help out with props for the skits. Please send to school as soon as possible. 

REMINDER!  Wednesday, April 5th, is our school wide Emergency Evacuation drill.   The drill begins at 11:45 and pick up will begin at noon. Student’s will be dismissed by last name:

A-F pick up begins at 12:00

G-O pick up begins at 12:15

P-Z pick up begins at 12:30

Please refer to the informative letter (which includes very important details) sent home in the Wednesday envelope.  

Please join us on Wednesday, March 29th, as the 4th and 2nd grade classes reenact the story of Jonah and the Whale at Morning Assembly.

Per Ms. Murphy, please know any watch with phone capabilities may not be used as a phone until after 3:30.

Thank you for your continued support!


A message from our PEP teachers…

Dear Families,

What a delightful 4th grade class, especially today in their 400 Year Olds costumes! This week in PEP we worked a bit on the weighty subject of bullying.

The way in which bullying is taught and discussed continues to evolve, and this week we focused mostly on being "upstanders" instead of "bystanders."  We showed a quick video with techniques that students can use to help someone who is being bullied: 1. Be a buddy, 2. Interrupt, 3. Speak out and 4. Get help from an adult. We discussed how sometimes all it takes to stop a bully is to "be a buddy" for the victim; often just a quiet presence standing next to the victim is enough to provide support. And sometimes, you have to go straight to technique #4 and get help from a teacher...and that rather than tattling or getting someone in trouble, this is about keeping another student safe.

We also touched on cyber bullying, which they will hear more about in the older-grade PEP classes.

This class has a lot to say about what makes a good friend, and also about the challenges to standing up to bullies. It certainly was enlightening for us...it would make great dinnertime conversation for your family!

As always, let us know if you have any questions about the PEP program or curriculum.

Karolyn Cherryhomes (Kate '15, Klaire '19)

Peggy Riegel (Joseph '14 and Edward '15)