Weekly Update


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I was very impressed with the 8th grade final math projects.

Here is your optional summer assignment.  Your child was given a packet.

Each grade will have websites and activities.  I am requiring an average of 15 minutes a day or an hour and a half a week to earn 1 bonus slip. Your parents will sign that you did a minimum of 15 mins a day or an hour and a half a week—on a separate page.  Your child could still earn 10 bonus slips.


Have a great summer!  I have enjoyed teaching your child math.  See you in August.


Some websites that I discussed on Back to School Night ( some I ran out of time to discuss):

www.glencoe.com  for grades 5 through 8

www.eastacuity.com  grade 8 only students 

www.yaymath.org-grades 7 and 8