How do I Prepare to Migrate?

To get ready for migration into Google Apps Partner Edition, review the following questions below that you can answer with a IKANO representative to get your migration happening as quickly as possible.

1. How many email boxes are you looking to migrate to GoogleApps? 
2. Are all email boxes on the same domain? To qualify for Partner Edition, domains must be owned and managed by the service provider. Domains hosted for businesses but not owned by your organization must use Premier Edition.
3. How many subscribers do you currently support with your Service?
4. Do you currently use a customer billing and provisioning system that is tied to your email system?  In other words, when you setup a new email account, is this done programmatically in your billing and provisioning system which acts as a master for maintaining passwords changes, adds, deletes and suspends. If so what provisioning system are you currently using? 
5. What is your time frame to launch the Google Apps solution?
6. What type of email system do you use? Does it use a database backend or flat files to store the user information? Is your system IMAP enabled? IMAP is required for mail migration into Google Apps.

7. Google requires a minimum password of 8 characters to migrate into Google Apps. Do your customers have the minimum as part of your service? 
8. Are passwords encrypted?  If so what type of encryption? We will ask you to supply a .CSV file for import into Google's system.

9. What percentage of your users use client based email vs. webmail? Customers can continue to use POP3 clients like Outlook and Outlook Express using our POP Switcher Tool that changes their email settings to Google.
10. What is the current amount of email storage that is made available to your users? Google allows 7.3GB with Partner Edition.
You could start the process in advance to help customers through the communications of Google Apps and inform them of new and upcoming services available and new password length requirements. In our experience with these communications, customers like to be informed early and enjoy new service announcements to improve the value of the service.

I am glad you made it this far and would like to chat further with you and your senior decision makers on details on how we can help migrate your email boxes.  Please contact us to discuss on how our team can assist you to get the migration started.

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