Heaven on Earth

Corowa Whisky & Chocolate started in September of 2009, renovating this magical old flour as it had been abandoned since 1970. Since then the words Whisky and Chocolate have drawn the attention of many. A fine single malt and Belgium style chocolate, leaves us thinking that this really is the closest we will get to heaven on earth.


At Corowa Whisky and Chocolate we use the luxuriously smooth Belgian chocolate, and it is organic too. Belgian chocolate is very different to common or compound chocolate, in that Belgian chocolate uses all the cocoa bean rather than substituting other ingredients. The result is a smooth and full flavoured chocolate that is actually good for your health.

To many chocolate is a naughty indulgence, but did you know that chocolate was an ancient health tonic, once described as the "food of the god's" and prescribed by doctors as a stimulant and a soothing balm.


We are still working towards our first run of whisky. With big plans for making whisky and only being able to move forwards in stages please bare with us as we are looking forward to the first dram just as much as you are. We have plans to have a pilot distillery running shortly with a whisky bar not far away from that, stocking a wide range of local and imported whiskies.
Best New Attraction
Corowa Whisky and Chocolate has taken home a bronze medal from the NSW Tourism awards

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Our new website is finally underway. we will be developing it live and welcome any feedback as we go. So keep tuned...

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