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Faculty Update

posted Jul 17, 2017, 12:57 PM by Michael Croft
With Mrs. West on sabbatical to pursue graduate school work in STEM Education, Ms. Beth Frost will serve as science teacher next year. Ms. Frost is a Cornwall resident who has diverse experience teaching science, most recently at Danbury High School. She has also taught middle school and high school science in New Hampshire and Arizona and has been head of school at a grade 1-9 independent school in New Mexico.

With Mrs. Magyar's departure to lead Salisbury Central School, we will also have a new English teacher. In the spring, Ms. Jenny Law announced her departure from Kellogg School where she has been principal for almost five years. When she formally leaves Kellogg in August, she'll join us at CCS as a part-time English Language Arts teacher. Before her time at Kellogg, Ms. Law taught enrichment, science, and English at Salisbury Central, including ten years of teaching English. At CCS she will teach two sections of 5/6 ELA among other duties. This is a good fit all around as Ms. Law wants to work fewer hours and is looking forward to being back in the classroom!