CCS Information Communication Technology

I have a dream to create a teaching/ learning model that shakes the children, has an impact on them, shows them global importance, allows them to remember, makes them change and grow. 

I imagined this model to be interdisciplinary utilizing technology and challenging the children to think outside the box like entrepreneurial innovators.  In my dream I create the framework, the lessons identify the performance context, the instructional goal and the sub skills.  The diverse activities allow students to work in their preferred learning mode while extending them beyond their comfort zone. This is CCS Information Communication Technology (ICT).

To further ICT integration into the curriculum in grades 5-8, middle school teachers will 

The foundation for the Information Communication Technology  program is our understanding and belief that technology can provide students with the opportunity to be more efficient workers, informed citizens, improve their ability to access information, augment their communication skills, provide dynamic ways to analyze, problem-solve and publish. It is a collaboration of library research and technology skills integrating academic studies.

The unit design model for ICT is new, exciting and innovative in its creation.  I have coined it “Holistic Learning Design”. Holistic Learning Design units are intended to center around all areas of academic subjects students are currently experiencing. While the learning is fresh in the students’ minds, the units extend their thinking by blending the information in an authentic and engaging setting in a classroom virtually without walls where their community includes the whole world. Within units students, to a great extent, propose their own projects.  Students make choices to accommodate and extend their multiple background and learning styles. 

The units are authentic. The projects utilize engaging, innovative technology. Children practice being decision makers and designers. The students engage in real world issues that are relevant to young people and to which they can make emotional connections. Deep learning emerges. 

ICT is the direction for the future.