In Ally Condie’s third book trilogy Cassia, Xander, Ky, and Indie have all been separated after escaping the Carving. They all are working for the Pilot, the leader of the rebellion against the society and the Officials. As Xander and all of the other medics are working in the hospital, they discover a virus that is starting to spread. It wasn’t as bad at first but it was getting worse and started to leave marks on people. As Xander tries to work and find the cure with a Virologist named Oker, Cassia is working in a place called Camas, matching other people but doesn't realize it. Soon after, Xander, Ky and Cassia work together to try and find the cure. But on their way Ky finds himself in a situation that could turn to a tragic event. Read Ally Condie's first, second and third book to find out what happens next.

Author: Ally Condie

Genre:  Young adult fiction, romance, Dystopian


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