Michael Vey The Prisoner of Cell 25 
Author Richard Paul Evans                                                                 Genre Science fiction


Michael Vey and The Prisoner of Cell 25 is a book about an only child who has electric powers. He has the power to shock people. He thinks he's the only one until he finds another. The other is like him but has different powers. Then his mother disappears. Michael and his new friends need to save her but can they do it alone? Read Michael Vey and The Prisoner of Cell 25 to find out!

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Image result for michael vey    Conflicts

Michael Vey vs. crook

Michael was forced to give his keys to a guy by gun point but he shocked the guy.

Dr. Hatch vs. world

Dr. Hatch tries to destroy the world but Michael Vey stops him.

Michael Vey vs. self

Michael try to become normal and ignore what he is