The Lord of Opium

Author- Nancy Farmer
Genre- Scientific Fiction

Nancy Farmer has yet again made a marvelous novel. The first of the series, The House of Scorpion, was a well written book and set off the series with multiple spots of suspense.

Matteo Alacran is returning to the Land of Opium after he escaped. He was a clone ready to be used for parts before he escaped. While he was heading back to the hacienda he realized that he now has to run a drug trade by himself . Luckily for Matt, the farm patrol leader, Cienfuegos, knows everything about the business. Will Matt be able to defend his land or will the infamous Glass Eye take over everything?



"Mind-expanding fiction." -USA Today

"Readers will be hooked on the first page." -Publishers Weekly

"Strong, rough, exciting reading." -Chicago Tribune

“An inspiring tale of friendship, survival, hope, and transcendence.” - Kirkus Reviews


Matteo Alacran

Matt is the 14-year-old clone of the drug lord El Patron, who died at more than 100 years old. Matt was grown for his organs, but events conspired to keep him from this fate. With El Patron dead, Matt is the Lord of Opium, a slip of land between the United States, Aztlan, and a host of other lands devoted to growing drugs.

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Cienfuegos is the leader of the Farm Patrol. The Farm Patrol's job is to make sure the eejits are doing their jobs and making sure that they don't die. They also patrol the border to make sure no one is trying to escape the Land of Opium and if anyone comes over the border. Cienfuegos knows how the business works and tries to help Matt ensure the safety of the Land of Opium.

Glass Eye

Glass Eye is the most notorious drug lord out there. If he doesn't get his shipments he will take them himself. He is older than the former El Patron because he also has clones. Glass Eye is not afraid of anyone and is wanting to expand his empire. He has already taken over all of The Dope Confederacy except the Land of Opium. All he needs to do is to manipulate Matt into opening the borders.   

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Author Info

Nancy Farmer was born in Phoenix, Arizona. She earned her B.A. at Reed College and later studied chemistry and entomology at the University of California, Berkeley. She enlisted in the Peace Corps , and  worked in Mozambique and Zimbabwe, where she studied biological methods of controlling the tsetse fly between 1975–1978. She met her future husband, Harold Farmer, at the University of Rhodesia (now the University of Zimbabwe).She married Harold after one week. Farmer currently lives in the Chiricahua Mountains in Arizona with her husband they have one son, Daniel

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