Four: A Divergent Collection

Author: Veronica Roth
Genre: Scientific Fiction
Four is an Abnegation transfer that transferred to Dauntless to get away from his dad who beats him. They live in a non realistic world where there are 5 factions and you can pick
what faction you want to go to to live for the rest of your life. Now Four has to get through Dauntless initiation training, the most difficult and dangerous training of all the factions. Will Four be able to get through Dauntless training and be able to lead a normal life in Dauntless?

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“I am so happy I decided to read this book!! It perfectly rounded out the series and made me sad it's over.” -Emily M Bales.

Loved being able to get to know Four a bit better. I now have the entire set. Love it!” -Christina Woodham
“After reading the first three, I had to read this one, it was definitely interesting to read it from Tobias point of view, he was my favorite character in the other three, and continued to be in this one. It definitely made me happy to read about Tris and Tobias again, after what happened in Allegiant, and crying for a couple days after.” -Acadia J.


Four- Four is an Abnegation transfer that is very strong and fast. Four grew up in Abnegation. His father is Marcus Eaton who beats four a lot for his own good. Growing up like this made Four very strong. Four is Divergent which means he can change simulations.

Tris- Tris is also an Abnegation transfer that isn't that strong but decided to transfer to Dauntless and have a challenge. Tris transferred two years after Four did and by then four was the initiation trainer. Tris is also Divergent.

Max- Max is one of the leaders of Dauntless and is very brave and strong. He was number 1 in his initiation class. He is one of the best Dauntless warriors.

Eric: Eric is a transfer from Erudite that was in fours initiation. Eric later becomes one of Fours biggest enemies. Eric is also very strong specially for a transfer from Erudite because they focus more on intelligence.

Marcus: Marcus is Four’s dad who lives in Abnegation and is a council leader. He beats four a lot for his “own good”. Marcus is part of the council of Abnegation and has a big role in the book.
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Author info

Veronica Roth is a novelist best known for this series. She was born on August 19, 1988. She has two older siblings and her parents divorced when she was 5. She won many awards for the Divergent series.

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