The Emerald Mile


 Image result for Emerald MileFacts about what was going on at the time of the speed run

  • At the time of the Emerald Mile's run the river was at 72,000 cfs (cubic feet per second of water) but the river eventually got up to 98,000 cfs-about 7 times the average flow.
  • The crystal wave hole(a water hydraulic that recirculates and by far the most dangerous on the river) was about 28 feet high- about the average size of a house.
  • The main hole from cavitation in the left Glen Canyon Dam Spillway tunnel was 32 ft deep, 40 ft wide, and 150 ft long.
 Author: Kevin Fedarko
Genre: Non Fiction

Pages: 432

The Emerald Mile is a thrilling book that is about not one but two stories. Kevin Fedarko weaves the story of the glen canyon dam and its engineering feats and downfalls with the story of Kenton Grua and his adventures through the Grand Canyon. This book is loved by anyone who has read it because of the combination of history and adventure. The author also gives a detailed background and history of boating and exploration of the Grand Canyon. This story is the ultimate combination of action and history which gives you the sense of actually being a boatman in the Grand Canyon.
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                                                                                                    Kevin Fedarko
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The Emerald Mile is Fedarko's only book but he has worked for Time magazine and his work has been in National Geographic Adventure and Esquire. 

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"The book is at its heart an engrossing meditation on the eternal struggle between man and nature." (Pittsburg Post-Gazette)

"From the bottom of our planet's most awesome landscape, Kevin Fedarko has found and rescued a great American tall tale that just happens to be true. As a boatman, Fedarko knows this world intimately. As a writer, he'll make you understand it, savor it, and ultimately love it as you never have before. Here is an instant classic of adventure literature—a story shot through with bravura but also touched by the rarest kind of grandeur." (Hampton Sides editor-at-large at Outside magazine and author of Blood and Thunder and Ghost Soldiers)

"Grua's wild ride on the Colorado, how it mirrored his mercurial personality, is just on part of Fedarko's story; however, the river, which runs through seven states, and the canyon, rich in both geological and political history, prove to be the real protagonists." (Publisher's Weekly)


Reviews- “It would not be overblown to say The Emerald Mile deserves a spot on the bookshelf alongside such classics as Cadillac Desert, Desert Solitaire, and Encounters with the Archdruid. It’s that good”- The Durango Telegraph

Dallas Morning News
"Kevin Fedarko's remarkable 
The Emerald Mile re-creates an incredible voyage through the flood-swollen Grand Canyon in such heart-pounding detail that you need to pause every few pages to catch your breath... He writes so vividly that your favorite reading chair becomes a spray-soaked perch on a bucking boat hit hard by a river running high and fast."