Divergent by Veronica Roth


Beatrice Prior has lived in the Abnegation faction, a faction for the selfless, with her family for her entire life. Although her parents expect her to stay in Abnegation with them for her entire life, Beatrice feels like she just doesn’t belong in with the other members of Abnegation. When she takes the Aptitude tests, a series of simulations that, based on her reactions, decide which faction would be the best fit for her. After she takes the test and the results are inconclusive, Beatrice finds out that she is Divergent, a label given to people who demonstrate the best and worst qualities of every faction. Divergents are dangerous, though, because they are seen as a threat to the government because of their unique ability to manipulate simulations. At the choosing ceremony, Beatrice decides to leave her parents and join Dauntless, a faction for the brave. Renaming herself Tris, she discovers that joining Dauntless will be harder than she ever imagined. Tris finds herself facing danger, betrayal, anger, fear, and sadness as she struggles to become a Dauntless. Will Tris succeed? Or will she end up factionless like so many others? Read Divergent to find out!