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Help, I'm being audited!

Step one: Take a breath, calm down, relax. An audit is simply the IRS or the revenue 
department asking for clarification. They are not "out to get you" they simply want something explained or verified.

Step two: Consult a Tax professional, they can make things faster, easier, and far less stressful. If you have someone doing your taxes already, let them know whats going on. If you don't, find a Registered Agent to walk you through the whole process. Remember, a Registered Tax Return Preparer is not and Enrolled Agent. Both can prepare your return, but only an Enrolled Agent can represent you to the IRS. (Similar to a lawyer in court, works for YOU, on your behalf, to benefit you) Our contact information is located under "Contact Us"

Step three: be prepared to work with your tax advisor. If he/she needs documents, you will need to be able, and available, to help get them.

Step four: Relax. Yes this has already been said, but most people turn something routine into something far bigger than it really is.  Lots of people get through an audit without any trouble or hair loss.

Step Five: Read this article from LearnVest.com for what clues the IRS looks for on tax returns.

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