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Documents to Bring

Most people know to bring in their W-2s to an accountant or tax professional, but often people forget other important information. So we have prepared a common list of forgotten documents and information which you should have with you to help keeps things, fast, simple, and stress free. 

Important documents to bring with you include any 1099, which shows that you received money from someone else, and any 1098 that you may have received from someone that you have paid money to during the year.

If you purchased a house, bring a copy of the closing statement. Known as a HUD-1.
If you moved and changed states, have your expenses, and exact date of move.
If you have children, know their SSNs and birthdays.
If you paid someone to watch your children, have their SSN or EIN phone number, legal name, and address.
If you are divorced and have children, know what your divorce decree says about who can claim your children.
If you pay Alimony, have your ex-spouse information including SSN and current address.
If you were part of a partnership, have a copy of you K1.
If you ran a business or farm, have information on your income and business deductions
If you donated anything to charity, have information on the item you donated and the charity.
If you purchased an energy efficient appliance, have its information, and state certification.
If you sold stocks, have information on their purchase price and date.
If you had gambling winnings from a W-2G, have information on the exact amount of losses (not usually on the form)