Office Policies

Guidelines for Patients of Cornerstone Psychiatry Associates



Welcome to Cornerstone Psychiatry. The following policies are intended to ensure that we offer the best patient care possible.


New patients are booked for one hour appointments. Follow-up visits (medication management) are booked for fifteen minute appointments. If you feel that you need more time with the Dr. , please schedule accordingly, but please note that there will be an additional charge for that extra time. There will be times when patients are in crisis, and may need extra appointment time. Please be understanding if the doctor runs late. Please be assured when you need extra time during your appointment, you will receive it.

Please be courteous about attending your appointments. We understand there may be unforeseen circumstances that may arise. However, the office needs to be notified of a cancellation as soon as possible. When people do not keep their appointment, and do not notify the office, they are preventing others that may need to be seen from obtaining care. If you do not notify the office of your absence, you will be charged the equivalent of an office visit ($103). NO EXCEPTIONS.

Please try to be on time for your appointments. Again, traffic and other factors sometimes cannot be helped. However, if you arrive more than twenty minutes late, you may be asked to reschedule your appointment. If you arrive very late and can still be seen, you might have to wait, so as not to inconvenience other patients.

The psychiatric standard o care requires that patient's are evaluated at a minimum of every 3 months to determine the effectiveness of the medication, side effects, complications of other illnesses, and the need for continued use of the medication.  We do not make the prescription laws but we are responsiblefor monitoring the condition of patients and determining the appropriateness of each prescription we write.


Most of the time, you will be given prescriptions, with enough refills until your next appointment. Controlled substances, such as the medication used to treat ADHD (Ritalin, Adderall, Dexedrine, Focalin, Concerta, Metadate CD, Daytrana, Focalin XR, Methylin, Vyvanse and Adderall XR) can only be written for one month at a time. For refills on these types of prescriptions, you must plan ahead. Our office receives numerous phone calls daily to refill medication. The office needs TWO DAYS to take care of these refills. When you need a refill, call the refill line (281) 580-6040. You will leave a message on the answering machine. Nobody will call you to confirm your prescription is ready. After leaving the message, you may call (after giving us two days) the main line to check if your prescription is ready. You will then need to come by the office to pick up the prescription to take to your pharmacy. You may pick up prescriptions from 8 am - 5 pm on Monday thru Thursday and 8 am - 3 pm on Friday.

You only have twenty one days to fill  controlled substance prescriptions. After twenty one days, the prescriptions expire. If you do not fill the prescription in time, there will be a fee charged for rewriting.

Prescriptions for controlled substances (listed above) are regulated by the DEA. Therefore, if a prescription is lost or stolen, you will not obtain a refill until your next refill is due. If there is a mistake on your prescription and it needs to be rewritten, you should return the original prescription to the office.

Some insurance companies offer mail order pharmacy. These prescriptions may be written for ninety days. You must set up your account with the mail order pharmacy, and then talk to your doctor about writing the mail order prescription.

Please keep in mind that most insurance companies require prior authorizations for certain medications, or certain dosing of medication. When you turn in your prescription to the pharmacy, they will notify you that a prior authorization is required. Usually, they will send paperwork or call our office. The office will try to expedite the process as much as possible. However, please be aware that this is an extremely time-consuming process, which may take several days to complete.

Please do not call the physician’s emergency line or physician’s voice mail for prescription refills under any circumstance. These calls will not be returned. All of these calls must be directed to the prescription refill line.


If your physician decides it is necessary to obtain bloodwork, you will be given a form for Quest Laboratories. Please fill out the billing information and insurance information (will be starred on your form) before going to the lab. Please be aware if you need to fast prior to your blood draw (will be checked on the form in the left corner). The closest Quest to our office is on Red Oak. From our office, proceed on FM 1960 towards I-45. Turn left onto Red Oak. The first tall professional building on your right is where Quest is located (first floor). If you need further Quest locations, please ask one of the staff.


Communication with Schools, Other Physicians, Family Members:

If you need your physician to discuss your or your child’s treatment, with others, please be sure you have completed a release of information form. You may drop off the signed release or fax it to our office at 281-580-7129.

If you request a report for school, work, court or any other reason, you may be charged a fee. This service requires extra time from the physician, beyond regular patient care. You should give the physician at least one week’s notice to have the letter completed. Letters not included in this category are school forms, form letters, etc.

Phone Calls:

Phone calls, unless an emergency will be attended to by the office staff. If you have a question for the Dr., please relay the question to the staff member who will speak with the Dr. and respond to you. If you insist on speaking directly to the DR. there will be a fee. ($45.00)  Calling multiple times will not expedite this process. Calls are returned as soon as possible. If someone is having an emergency, please let the staff know so the physician may be notified.

When calling to leave a message, please be courteous with staff members. They have been instructed to obtain as much information as possible, so that the physician is well-equipped to answer these calls. They must also have information, so that calls may be triaged properly. We understand that some matters are very delicate, but the staff is professional, and will keep these issues in confidence.

If you have not had an office visit in three months, and call with issues, you will be asked to make an appointment as soon as possible. Generally, major alterations in medications will not be made over the phone, and you may be asked to make an appointment.

Calling the physician’s emergency line after hours or on weekends for non-emergent issues will result in a $45 fee.

Please keep this form as a reference.

These policies are intended to ensure that your care is coordinated smoothly. Thank you,



Bernard A. Rosenberg, M.D , Lisa Joson M.D., Nabil Guirguis, M.D.,  Amy Wolford, RN, MS