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  • Open the Google App Sync folder (start, programs, Google Apps Sync) and choose set up a Google Apps Sync user
  • Type in your e-mail address and password
  • Check the Remember me check box and click "Continue"
Screen shot from Apps Sync

  • Click "Create profile" without checking the boxes

  • Click "start Microsoft Outlook" or close the window

This will set up Outlook to synchronize with Gmail. There is a limit on the amount of mail you can synchronize between the two systems that is set within Google Apps Sync.  If your total amount of mail (including archives) is more than the default of 1 gigabyte you may wish to increase the limit. Note that it is not recommended to sync more than 4gb of data as it may slow your computer down.  If you cannot sync all of your data you will still be able to look for old mail (the sync tool syncs the newest mail first) by going to the Gmail interface.

You can change that limit by:
  • Right clicking the Google Apps Sync Icon in your system tray (bottom right and circled in the image above)
  • Select Set mailbox size limit
  • Choose the amount of data you wish to synchronize.