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Skendaj, E. (2014). Creating Kosovo: International Oversight and the Making of Ethical Institutions.Cornell University Press, Woodrow Wilson Center Press.

In shaping the institutions of a new country, what interventions from international actors lead to success and failure? Skendaj's investigation into Kosovo, based on national survey data, interviews, and focus groups conducted over ten months of fieldwork, leads to some surprising answers. Creating Kosovo highlights efforts to build the police force, the central government, courts, and a customs service. Skendaj finds that central administration and the courts, which had been developed under local authority, succumbed to cronyism and corruption, challenging the premise that local "ownership" leads to more effective state bureaucracies. The police force and customs service, directly managed by international organizations, were held to a meritocratic standard, fulfilling their missions and winning public respect.

Peer reviewed Articles and Book chapters

Skendaj, E. (2014). International Insulation from Politics and the Challenge of Statebuilding: Learning from Kosovo.Global Governance: A Review of Multilateralism and International Organizations, Vol 20 (3). 

Skendaj, E. (2014) “Social Scientists or Social Interveners: Exploring the Trade-offs in Reflection and Action.” After the Dust has Settled: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Post-Conflict Studies, Chip Gagnon and Keith Brown, (Eds.). Routledge Studies in Peace and Conflict Resolution. 

Skendaj, E. (2009). “Peace Education as aDemocratizing Process.” Southeastern Europe 33, 63–76.

Articles and chapters Under Review 

Skendaj, E. “Catching up With the Rest: Explaining Higher Minority Corruption in the Western Balkans.” Revise and Resubmit. Problems of Postcommunism.

Skendaj E., Babunski, K., Milivojevic, Z., Bytyci, S. “Security Sector Reform: Comparing the Effectiveness of Police Forces in the Western Balkans.” Under Review. Europe-Asia Studies Journal. 

Skendaj, E. “Demystifying Local Ownership and Knowledge in Vertical Peacebuilding.” Under Review. Journal of Peacebuilding & Development.

Dziedzic, M., Mercean, L., and Skendaj, E. “Kosovo: The Kosovo Liberation Army.” Chapter to be published in Overlooked Enemies of Peace: Subduing Illicit Power Structures. U.S. Institute for Peace Press. Forthcoming Fall 2014.

Skendaj E., Babunski, K., Milivojevic, Z., Bytyci, S. “Legal Transfers of European Standards and Norms in Western Balkans.” Chapter in United by Law? Legal Transfers in Europe. Åse B. Grødeland, Morten Kinander and Janne H. Matlary, (Eds.). Under review. Palgrave Publishers. 

Skendaj E., Babunski, K., Milivojevic, Z., Bytyci, S. “Perceptions of European Court of Human Rights: the Western Balkans Perspective.” Chapter in European Integration and the European Court of Human Rights. Åse B. Grødeland, Morten Kinander and Janne H. Matlary, (Eds.). Under review Cambridge University Press.

Skendaj, E. “Acting the Change: Theatre of the Oppressed in the Classroom.” In preparation for re-submission to PS: Political Science and Politics. 

Work in Progress

Grodeland, A., Skendaj E., Babunski, K., Milivojevic, Z., Bytyci, S. Legal Transfers and Anti-Corruption Reform in Western Balkans. Book Project. 

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