Social Impact

Overfishing plays a major role in social life as well. When fisheries overfish, the waters become depleted of recourses which humans have become accustomed to for generations. Many families pass down the fishing lifestyle to their kids, so a way of life changes for many cultures around the world. Also many jobs are lost, and because of shows like deadliest catch on television, the fishing lifestyle may look more appealing to a larger group of people. Which consequently influences more people to go out and fish the waters dry.

  Thousands of fishermen worldwide have been forced to quit this profession and take up another job. However, this is not easy considering most fishing families, the profession have been passed down from generation to generation. In many island nations especially, the lack of jobs available in fishing is having a large social impact. Fish is an essential item for many people that live in tropical countries all over the world. In many African and South Asian coastal countries “fish may account for as much as 50 percent of protein in a typical diet.” (Economic and Social Effects) This is pretty astounding and it is easy to see how removing all these fish from the water and thus peoples diets can have a negative impact on society in these countries. Many of these countries that are being effected the most are some of the most poor and therefore do not have much access to other high nutrient foods and the depletion of fish is causing many health problems and weight loss among citizens in these areas. In many of these countries hat revolve around fishing as a main job; there are many social problems that can come about as a result of a decline in the fishing industry. Two major results are “increases in violence or migration away from the home country seeking work.” (Economic and Social Effects)  This is obviously a big problem because these counties need to be able to support their citizens and allow them to flourish with working opportunities within the country, not have to migrate elsewhere because that is only going to worsen the country as a whole and make it in an even more poor state.