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1. Assistant ProfessorDepartment of Economics, Clark University, 2012-present.
2. ConsultantInternational Organization for Migration, Uganda, 2010. Analyzed data related to reintegration of returning abducted youth in Northern Uganda.
3. Research Analyst, Development Strategy and Governance Division, International Food Policy Research Institute, Washington, D.C, 2004-2007. Co-authored and developed research on poverty and vulnerability and economic growth and decline. Responsible for conceptualization, analysis and writeup. Lead analyst on studies using Ghana Living Standards Survey 4. Supported USAID’s Initiative to End Hunger in Africa (IHEA).
4. Research Assistant, Health Policy Center, Urban Institute, Washington D.C, 2001-2003. Co-authored paper on state level variation in Medicaid coverage. Assisted in examining the cost of insuring the uninsured.

Cornell University. Applied Economics and Management 2012.
MA Yale University. International and Development Economics 2004.
BA Swarthmore College. Economics, with honors 2001.

Fields of concentration
Primary Field:       Economics of Development
Secondary Fields: Applied Econometrics and Quantitative Analysis; Comparative Politics

Dissertation Title: Essays on Conflict and Development 
Committee Chair: Christopher Barrett
Other Members:   David Just, Kevin Morrison

Publications and Working Papers

1. Bovbjerg, R., J. Hadley, M. Pohl and M. Rockmore. 2002. “Medicaid Coverage for the Working Uninsured: The Role of State Policy” Health Affairs 21(6): 231-243.

Working Papers
1. Prakash, N., M. Rockmore, and Y. Uppal. 2014 “DoCriminal Representative Affect Economic Outcomes? Evidence from India” Households in Conflict Working Paper No. 192.
    Earlier version: Ibid. 2014 “Do Criminal Representatives Hinder or Improve Constituency Outcomes?Evidence from India” IZA Discussion Paper No. 8452.
2. Morrison, K., and M. Rockmore. 2014 “Fear’s Effect on Political Participation: Evidence from Africa"
3. Rockmore, M., and C. Barrett 2012. "Insecurity in a Pastoral Settings: Consequences and Dynamics"
4. Rockmore, M. 2012. “Living Within Conflicts: Risk of Violence and Livelihood Portfolios” Households in Conflict Working Paper No. 121, Latest Version: July 2012 (Updated by mid June, 2013)
5. Rockmore, M. 2011. “The Cost of Fear: The Welfare Effects of the Risk of Violence in Northern Uganda”  Households in Conflict Working Paper No. 109 Latest Version: May 2013
6. Ruelle, M., and M. Rockmore. 2011. “Understanding Safety Nets: A Primer on Safety Nets and International Development.” Background paper prepared for the Congressional Research Service
7. Zhang, X., M. Rockmore and J. Chamberlin. 2007. “A Typology for Vulnerability and Agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa” International Food Policy Research Institute Discussion Paper No. 734, Washington, D.C.
8. Rockmore, M., and X. Zhang. 2006. “Moving Up and Moving Down: A New Way of Examining Country Growth Dynamics” International Food Policy Research Institute Development Strategy and Governance Division Working Paper No. 34, Washington, D.C.

Chapters in Books
1. Abdelkhalek, T., and M. Rockmore 2007. “Public Expenditure, Economic Growth and Poverty in Morocco: Moving Towards a Multi-Level Analysis” In Ali, and Fan, editors, Public Policy and Poverty Reduction in the Arab Region, Arab Planning Institute.

1. Ruelle, M., and M. Rockmore. 2011. “Understanding Safety Nets: A Primer for International Development” Policy Brief. Cornell University. Brief prepared for the Congressional Research Service based on background paper.
2. Zhang, X., and M. Rockmore. 2007. “Agricultural Growth, Vulnerability Reduction, and Public Investment Options in Sub-Saharan Africa” Annex 3 in the Annual Report 2006: Presidential Initiative to End Hunger in Africa” USAID, Washington, D.C.

Awards and Honors
1. International Growth Center. Grant for "He is a Criminal but He is our Criminal." 2014-2016. Grant amount: £18,443) (Co-PI)
1. National Science Foundation. Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grant for “Shocks, Trauma, Behavioral Parameters and Subjective Expectations: The Effects of Abduction and Violence on Economic Behavior in Northern Uganda.” 2011. Grant amount: $19,657.
2. International Research Travel Grant (Cornell University) 2011.
3. Peace Studies Travel Grant (Cornell University) 2011.
4. Hung Wo and Elizabeth Ching Student Assistantship 2010.
5. Ashley Graduate Fellowship 2009.
5. Daniel G. Sisler Teaching Excellence Fund 2008.

Fieldwork and Survey Experience
Northern Uganda: 6/18/10 – 7/20/10; 6/26/2013 – 8/17/2013

Conferences and Invited Presentations
2015: University of North Dakota, 12th Midwest International Economic Development Conference* (scheduled); World Bank Annual Bank Conference on Africa 2015 (scheduled).
2014: University of Connecticut, Midwestern Political Science Association 2014 Conference*, European Political Science Association 2014 Conference*, Georgia Tech; Wesleyan College; Delhi School of Economics Winter School*; 10th Annual Conference on Economic Growth (Indian Statistical Institute)*; BIGD International Conference 2014 (BRAC and IGC)*.
2013: World Bank Annual Bank Conference on Development Economics (ABCDE), Royal Economic Society Annual Conference, Human Rights Center at the University of Connecticut, American Economic Association Annual Meeting, Ninth Household in Conflict Network Workshop
2012: Clark University, Eighth Households in Conflict Network (HiCN) Workshop, Oklahoma University, Rochester Institute of Technology.
2011: Binghamton University, Congressional Research Service Research Policy Council, Courant Centre (Georg-August-Universität Göttingen), Seventh Households in Conflict Network (HiCN) Workshop, International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI).
2007: Conference on the Economic Development of Africa (University of Oxford) from the "Center for the Study of African Economics" 
2006: International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)
* presented by co-author

Referee/External Evaluator
American Journal of Political Science, Risk Analysis, Applied Economic Perspectives & Policy, Secure Livelihoods Research Consortium.

Affiliate Households in Conflict Network

English (native), French (native), German (basic)

Citizenship: United States, France