Debi Prasad Mohapatra
                     Assistant Professor,
                     Department of Resource Economics

                     University of Massachusetts, Amherst
                     205B Stockbridge Hall
80 Campus Center Way
                     Amherst, MA, 01003
                     Phone: (413) 545-6650

Fields of Interest: Empirical Industrial Organization, Econometrics and Applied Microeconomics.


Working Papers

1. Price Control and Access to Drugs: The Case of India's Malarial Market (with Chirantan Chatterjee)  [
2. Public Insurance, Reimbursement Design and Access to Health-Care in India (with Sisir Debnath, and Tarun Jain)
3. Welfare Analysis of Trans Fat Ban: the Microwaveable Popcorn Market (with Emily Wang, and Nadia Streletskaya)
4. Welfare Effects of Public Procurement of Medicines: Evidence from Ecuador (with Jerónimo Callejas)
5. Heterogeneous Beliefs and Wealth Dynamics in a Binary Hidden Markov Model [PDF]

Work in Progress

1. Market Structure and Quality Certification in the Coal Equipment Manufacturing Industry in China (with Jie Bai)
2. Designing Compulsory Licensing: Consumer Welfare in Market for Antidepressants in India (with Christoph Walsh)
3. Ensuring Access to Clean Drinking Water: Evidence from Rajasthan, India (with Sheetal Sekhri)
4. A Study of Mergers in Hotel Industry (with Christian Rojas)
. Network Formation under Exclusive Dealings: A case study of Brazilian Gasoline Market (with Ilton Soares)

6. Credible Identification of Online Auctions (with Matthew Backus and Francesca Molinari)


Empirical Industrial Organization (Second year PhD course), Fall 2016, Fall 2017, Spring 2019
Public Policy in Private Markets (Advanced Undergraduate level course), Spring 2017, Spring 2018, Fall 2018
Hunger in a Global Economy (Undergraduate level General Education course), Fall 2018


Prof. Panle Jia Barwick (co-advisor)

Department of Economics, Cornell University

Prof. David Easley (co-advisor)
Department of Economics, Cornell University

Prof. Matthew Backus
Department of Economics, Columbia Business School

Prof. Larry Blume
Department of Economics, Cornell University                  

Prof. Francesca Molinari
Department of Economics, Cornell University