DBJC Schedule

Developmental Biology Journal Club

Spring 2018

Oranizers: Shing Hu, Amy Poe, Maria Sapar, Divya Shiroor

 Date/Time Location Presenter Article
01/30 10-11AM Weill 421 Maria SaparLiu, Zhen, et al. "Cloning of Macaque Monkeys by Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer." Cell (2018)
02/13 10-11AM VMC C3-129  Debadrita  BhattacharyaBulusu, Vinay, et al. "Spatiotemporal analysis of a glycolytic activity gradient linked to mouse embryo mesoderm development." Dev. Cell (2017)
02/27 10-11AM Weill 421 Divya Shiroorde Sousa, Nídia, et al. "Hippo signaling controls cell cycle and restricts cell plasticity in planarians." PLoS Biology (2018)
03/13 10-11AM VMC C3-129 Jordana BloomMayran, A et al. "Pioneer factor Pax7 deploys a stable enhancer repertoire for specification of cell fate" Nat Genet. (2018)
03/27 10-11AM Weill 421 Joel BrownLevine, MS, et al. "Centrosome Amplification Is Sufficient to Promote Spontaneous Tumorigenesis in Mammals" Dev. Cell (2017)
04/10 10-11AM VMC C3-129 Ian RoseOsterwalder, M, et al. "Enhancer redundancy provides phenotypic robustness in mammalian development" Nature (2018)
04/24 10-11AM Weill 421 Melisa DeGrootKhor, Jian Ming, and Charles A. Ettensohn. "Functional divergence of paralogous transcription factors supported the evolution of biomineralization in echinoderms." eLife 6 (2017)
05/08 10-11AM VMC C3-129 Sylvia ChangBriggs, J, et. al. "The dynamics of gene expression in vertebrate embryogenesis at single-cell resolution" Science (2018)