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Welcome to our site, dedicated to information about financial aid at Cornell University!

Often the anxiety surrounding college does not stop when a student gets accepted - expensive tuition and other expenses make higher education a sizable investment. However, there are many options which help students and parents alike handle the costs which are associated with coming to Cornell. 

Some of the topics concerning financial aid that are covered on our site include grants, loans, scholarships, and Federal work-study programs. By using these resources we hope new students can figure out the best way to handle schooling expenses. Most students use a combination of multiple financial aid sources to make sure everything gets covered during their time at Cornell. 

In addition to our resources on financial aid, we have an entire section dedicated to petitioning aid and the many circumstances which can increase the amount of aid a student receives. Variables such as housing, studying abroad, and more are all possible cost-saving solutions covered on this site.

To navigate and learn more about financial aid at Cornell University, please feel free to use the horizontal navigation links above!
About Our Organization
This website was created by a team involved with analyzing socioeconomic issues in society today. With education being such a key component to social mobility, we wished to compile information that made the higher education process easier to afford. Equipped with this information, we hope future students can get the best aid package for their time at Cornell!
Grants & Scholarships
Grants are the most sought after form of financial aid as they do not have to be paid back. The same principle goes for scholarships, however scholarships usually require more work in an essay or talent being exhibited. Both grants and scholarships are regarded as the "best" forms of financial aid.

Learn about grants here.
Learn about scholarships here.
Loans & Work-Study 
These types of financial aid are very crucial for the majority of students today. Loans require students to pay back the amount they take out, usually with sizable interest over time. Work-Study programs allow students with usually little to no experience earn money towards their tuition.

Learn about loans here.
Learn about work-study here.