Before a Principality can be recognized as an official entity by the SCA, a name and device must be chosen by the populace for registration. After some discussion, it was determined the best way to do this was to have a group of heralds familiar with the heraldic registration rules guide the process. Master Ainar Magnusson, as Kingdom Seneschal, asked Mistress Emma de Fetherstan, OP, former Star Principal Herald, former Wreath Queen of Arms, and former Laurel Queen of Arms, to head up this group. Working together with Master Etienne de Saint Amaranth, OP, another former Star Principal Herald, Master Tadhg mac Áedáin Uí Chonchobhair, OL, and Baron Donnchadh Beag mac Griogair, the group solicited input from the populace of the northern region of Ansteorra as to what name and device elements were important, or which should be avoided. Many other heralds from across the Society helped as well with advice and research. From this input, the goal was to develop and propose a selection of names and armory that matched the desires of the populace as well as following actual period practice. These "short lists" will then be subjected to ranked voting (see the FAQ page) by the populace to determine the overall consensus choice for name and device.

This website presents the results of those efforts. The following pages discuss the trends observed in the feedback, how those trends were put into practice, and why particular names and devices were proposed. The publication of the "short lists" here is done so that everyone may read, ponder, debate, and campaign for their favorites before voting. Individuals will not like some of these items at all; hopefully, some items will be liked quite a lot. 

Please keep in mind, much thought, care, and hard work has gone into these names and devices. What someone dislikes may be their best friend's favorite. In the end, the name and device will belong to everyone in the new Principality -- none are anything without each other.

As a final note, many thanks to everyone that sent feedback and input. Even the simplest comments ("good luck!") were appreciated.

Herein are presented the the overall results of the feedback received, the trends seen, the restrictions adopted, and general whys and wherefores.

Here is a list of questions and answers, including instructions for and a link to the actual voting form.

Herein are presented the final names themselves.

Herein are presented the final devices themselves.