ELA, Reading & History, John Muir Middle School

Welcome to my web site!

      My name is Ms. Martin, and I am currently in my 14th year of teaching at John Muir Middle School. I taught 6th grade ELA and Social Studies my first 9 years of teaching and loved it.  For the past four years I have taught 7th grade English, Reading and Social Studies classes.  This year, I am happy to return to 6th grade to teach two blocks of ELA and Social Studies.  In addition to both of my 6th grade blocks, I am excited to be teaching two elective periods of Science Fiction & Fantasy. The Science Fiction & Fantasy class includes students in 6th through 8th grade. 

    I love connecting with my students, building a sense of community in the classroom, and being involved in cultivating a love of learning. I strive to help each student see the tremendous power they have within themselves to do good. By this I mean not only doing well academically, but the knowledge that they can overcome obstacles, that it is often necessary to take risks, and that it is okay to try hard to reach a goal and not succeed right away. The trick is to not give up!


Photo: Marisa Martin 2012