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Graduation Questions
    Q:I checked my graduation summary and it says I am short credits, what do I need to do?
    A:First, do not be alarmed by the graduation summary on Aeries.  The summary varies according to student due to transfers from another school, credit recovery courses taken, the coding for classes such as A-G courses, electives and so on.  Your best bet would be to e-mail your learning director about your question and they will speak to you regarding your graduation status.
    Q: I did not pass my SBAC.  How does that affect me?
    A:  For CHS, the SBAC only affects your participation in the graduation ceremony.  You will still receive your diploma.  We do offer a district alternate assessment so that if you pass those you are still eligible to participate in the graduation ceremony.
    Q: How many credits do I need in order to graduate?
    A: You need 260 credits to graduate but they need to be in the correct area.  Please refer to the graduation requirements under important documents to make sure you have completed the correct amount of units in the right area.

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