Registration is closed for the January 10th Lamb Share

Enjoy locally raised, grass-fed lamb this winter through the Corbin Hill Lamb Share! Sign up for a half lamb, which will be delivered on January 10th, 2012, only at the Friends of Corbin Hill site (116 W. 120th St). Lambs will be delivered packaged and frozen.


Do I have to order a whole lamb? No. We are selling lambs by the half (22-27 lbs). When you order a half lamb you will get either the left half or the right half of the lamb (both sides are symmetrical). 

Do I have to find someone to share a whole lamb with?  No.  You can simply order half lamb.  If you chose to share a half lamb with someone else, you and your partner will have to decide how you will divide the lamb between yourselves.

Do I have to participate in the Winter Share in order to place an order for lamb?  No. You do not have to participate in the Winter Farm Share to order.   Anyone can place an order, so do tell your friends.

What cuts will I receive? Each half lamb is cut into standard cuts – leg (whole or cut in half), loin and rib (available as roast or chops), shanks, shoulder cuts (chops, roast or cut small for stew).  Heads, heart, tongue, liver and kidneys may be available from each animal.  You must specifically let us know if you want them included.  If you do not do so, they will not be included.

What about ground lamb?  We can provide you ground lamb but, because we are processing such a small number of lambs, there is a greater loss of weight during the cutting process. Meat is trimmed from the bone and the bone is discarded. The grinding machines will also process some burger that cannot be packaged. This is not recommended, as so much meat can be lost in the process. 

Can I order my lamb to be cut in special ways?  We are providing only standard cuts.  Standard cuts are 4 chops to a package, 4 lb roasts, half of the legs cut, half of the legs whole.   If you require special cuts or packaging requests, there will be a surcharge. We can provide you cutting sheets and you can check boxes for what you want in terms of roast/chops, stew or ground, and packaging sizes; for example: 2, 4, or 6 chops per package.

Cost Summary

Share Size


Price per Pound

Estimated Cost

Half Lamb

22-27 lbs



Standard Packaging


No additional cost

No additional cost

What if I pick up my produce share at another site? You can still participate in the Lamb Share! On January 10th, you will need to come to our 116 W. 120th St. site to pick up your lamb—we cannot deliver it to another site.  You can arrange to pick up your winter share at the same time. 

How many shares are available? We’ve placed an order with our shepherd for 15 whole lambs (30 halves). We will take orders on a first-come, first-served basis until all shares are sold.  

What is the cost of a lamb?  The cost of a half lamb will range from $217 to $267, again depending on weight.  The price per pound includes slaughtering, packing, and freezing. 


Who is the shepherd? Dr. Cindi Shelley and her brother Eric raise these lambs at the CREM LEDGE farm.  Their farm is located on Route 20 in Schoharie County, 5 miles from the Corbin Hill Farm.  Cindi is on the faculty of SUNY Cobleskill where she is a Professor of Animal Science and teaches courses that introduce students to basic animal science and husbandry as well as courses in care and management of sheep, goats, beef, hogs and poultry.  Eric Shelley teaches meat processing courses and techniques at SUNY Cobleskill as well, and serves as the college’s USDA Meat Processing Facility Manager. 

How are the lambs raised?  The majority of the lambs are born in April and soon after go with their mothers to pasture where they learn to graze pastures while nursing.  They are pastured from the time that they are born through early December when accumulation of snow limits the availability of grass and they go to the winter yard and barn.  They are fed hay and then a small amount of grain if necessary.  They are also offered a vitamin and mineral supplement and eat this as needed.  They receive no hormone or antibiotic treatments.

How much do they weigh?  Weight is measured by hanging weight, which is after they are slaughtered and all the entrails and skin removed.  The hanging weight for the lambs will range from 50 to 60 pounds.  The lambs that are fully grass fed will weigh less, as they are likely to be leaner due to the difference in feed. 

How are they slaughtered?  All of the slaughtering is done at a USDA approved facility.  The facility is within 30 minutes of the farm and animals are inspected throughout the process by a USDA inspector who makes sure that they are healthy and fit for human consumption, monitors the processes of slaughter to assure animal welfare practices are performed, and checks that the facility has followed cleanliness and food safety regulations.


Can I know the exact weight and price of my lamb beforehand?  No. We cannot predict the price other than to indicate that the range in the weight be approximately 22 to 27 pounds for a half lamb.

How do I pay for my lamb?  You must pay a deposit at the time of your order of $55 per half lamb.  The balance will be paid by January 10, 2012. 

How do I place my order? We will be taking orders on a first-come first-served basis.  When we have sold all 15 whole lambs (30 halves), we will close our orders and inform you of any cancellations. Whether we sell out or not, we will stop taking orders on December 15, 2011 for delivery on January 10, 2012.

Can I cancel my order? Once you have made your deposit, your order is considered place.  If your order is then cancelled there will be no refund on your deposit.

When and where will the lamb be delivered?  On January 10, 2012 at the Friends of Corbin Hill site (116 W. 120th St).

How does the price I pay compare with that of the supermarket?  CHRF always provides value to its Shareholders.  Here are the prices of different lamb cuts at Fairway (November 9, 2011). Note their product is not local (from New Zealand) or organic.

Price by Cut per Pound – Fairway Prices November 9, 2011







Shoulder Chops


Loin chops


Rib loin chops


Leg of lamb (boneless)


Loin (entire unit uncut)


Rack of lamb


Ground lamb


Lamb stew (boneless)


Lamb stew (with bone)


Lamb shank


Lamb leg (over 15 lbs) (New Zealand)


Leg of Lamb (under 10 lbs)


Will we be making delivery of lamb to all the winter sites?  No, delivery will only be at the Friends of Corbin Hill (116 W. 120th St) site.  

What if I cannot pick up my lamb on the delivery day?  You will have to arrange for someone to pick it up on that day—we cannot hold your lamb share for you.