Days until IB Exams Begin!

Welcome to IB English 4!
Room 226


1. Be on time: which means, be in your seat when the bell rings.

2. Be prepared: have everything you need (school supplies plus reading material.  If using a device, make sure it's charged.) Each time you are missing an essential element of class materials, your quarterly “Preparation” grade will be reduced by one letter grade.

3. Be respectful with your words and actions.

4. Be aware: it is your responsibility to know what is due and when.  Information will be posted on class website and in classroom.    

5. Be prompt: work is due on posted due date.  Each excused absence allows you one day extra to turn in your work.  However, do whatever is possible to get work in on time even in the event of an absence.

6. Be present: do not use your devices to do non-class related activities (this includes texting, using social media or internet browsing).  They will be confiscated.  One student at a time may use the restroom only during student work time – if someone is presenting or class discussion is occurring, please do not ask to use the restroom.  No restroom passes allowed during first or last fifteen minute of classes.  You will earn a weekly participation grade.

7. Be ethical. Do your own work.   Plagiarism of any form (work duplicated from the internet or another student) will result in a referral to the CRHS IB Office and an administrator.  

Extra Credit Policy:
Attend any Reef Student Performance on your own time (going with a class doesn't count).  Bring back proof (signed program, ticket, selfie) and write a minimum of three paragraphs about what you liked about the performance (or what could have been improved). The paragraph must be evaluative (include support for your reasons.)  For each extra credit assignment, you bring in, you will get ONE POINT in an EXTRA CREDIT column of the gradebook, which is different than a regular grading column.  1 point will look like a D, 2 points will look like C, 3 points will look like a B and 4 points will look like an A.  You can get up to 4 points per quarter in extra credit.  In addition to above, attend any public reading by a published author (bookstore, university, Book Fair, etc) and bring back a three paragraph critique of the reading.  
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