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Our music ministries include an Adult Choir, a Youth Choir and Band, our Organist, and vocal and instrumental soloists (flute, violin, guitar).  Our goal is to enhance the worship service and bring us closer to God. 

Music is intimately bound with the proclamation of the Word, an opportunity for us to express through hymns, anthems and liturgy those feelings that are often difficult to express with words. The music of the Christian faith is meant to deepen and enrich our worship experience. Music has the ability to make us of one heart and voice, a natural response to our living faith.  
Adult Choir
The Adult Choir is a group of about ten parish members who sing for the Sunday morning liturgy and major feast days. On special occasions, a few members also chime in with ringing bells to the tune and beat of the songs.  Choir members also have the opportunity to sing solos. The Adult Choir also enjoys other fun events such as special gatherings at a member’s home for friendly camaraderie, great food, singing, playing and more.
Youth Choir and Band
The Youth Choir consists of young members of our parish who like to sing and join in various fun activities.  The Youth Choir usually sings at family services and special occasions.  They are trained in choral technique, sight singing and music liturgy.

The Youth Choir also know how to have fun together.  They have developed a small band,  introducing contemporary worship songs.  The Youth Band will be performing at various functions through the liturgical year.

Come join in the fun,
singing, playing, and praising God!
About our Organ
The organ has long been considered the most effective musical resource for worship. Its primary function is that of accompanying congregational singing. A well-designed organ is an effective accompaniment to the human voice. Its unique timbre, even at full volume, will complement rather than cover congregational singing. An organ should also offer a variety of tone colors to give it the flexibility needed for other liturgical uses, and for use as a solo instrument. 

Our Noack custom-built organ is an excellent representation of classic pipe organ design. It was built for the Church of Our Saviour in 1974. In 1998, repairs and upgrades were made, and it now more than adequately serves all the church’s musical needs. With 17 stops, it produces a rich, full sound.


Praising God with our voices!