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We believe that “Stewardship” involves not just the giving of Time, Talent and Treasure, but seeing that giving as a joyous opportunity. Therefore parishioners are urged to share not only their Treasure, but their Time and Talent to do what they are called to do of the Lord's work.

There are many opportunities for ministry within the Church of Our Saviour. Below you will find a list of them, along with contact persons you can touch base with to express your interest in participating.
Chipper Brown: 673-7855  Archie.Brown.77@alumni.Brown.edu
Acolytes include adults and children in 5th grade on up. Their role is to help the priest during the worship service and serve at the altar: carrying the cross or torches, lighting the candles, setting the altar for communion, etc.
Altar Guild
Suzy Ten Broeck: 673-2469 spt625@aol.com
Ensures that everything on the altar and in the sanctuary is ready for worship at each service. Cares for the church's vestments, liturgical linens, vessels, candles, flowers, etc.
Angola Partnership
Elizabeth Rotch: 672-6507 rotch.hill@comcast.net
Debbie Donnelly: 672-3188 rhdonnelly@aol.com
Seeks to expand and deepen our connection with our brothers and sisters at St. Andre parish in Ondjiva, Angola. Activities have included prayer, visit to Angola in 2008 and in 2012 to celebrate the blessing of their new church which we helped fund, an Angolan-inspired worship service, meetings (featuring learning, reading books, watching movies, eating African food), an Angolan Kids’ Day, fundraising projects, etc.
Buildings and Grounds
Pete Wolczko 672-7079 pwolczko@myfairpoint.net
Supervises the maintenance, repair, and improvement of the congregation's facility and landscaping.
Charitable Trust
Dick Dyer: 673-5086 dick.dyer@comcast.net
A trust fund organized in 1982 as an endowment for Church of Our Saviour, income from which is used to support parish ministry, particularly to encourage new ministry efforts.
Christmas Fair
Sue Tinnin: 801-2945 smarietin@yahoo.com603-801-2945
Many hands join together to put on this popular event the first Sunday in December. Traditions include the country store, cookie room, craft room, children’s room, outreach room and a luncheon.
Church School (K-6)
Nurtures the spiritual, emotional and social growth of children and youth and empowers them as God’s disciples. Partners with families and the larger community through education, worship and fellowship to foster in children and youth a feeling of belonging, and of being loved by God and our parish community.
Communications Ministry
Dedicated to the timely and widespread dissemination of news and information within our parish, and to the community at large. Maintains parish website, publishes parish newsletter and other print productions, photographs parish events, and coordinates marketing efforts.

Finance Committee
Dick Dyer: 673-5086  dick.dyer@comcast.net
Assists the treasurer and vestry in the church’s fiscal management, oversees expenditures, develops an annual budget, and recommends financial policy to the vestry.
Foyer Groups
Linda Dyer: 673-5086  linda.dyer@comcast.net
Interested individuals and couples are randomly formed into groups of 6-8 members which get together periodically in one another’s homes, or occasionally restaurants, for fellowship, dinner, conversation, and sometimes an outing like a concert or play.
Hospitality Committee
Brian & Joyce McGuire: 672-4423 mmcguiremom@aol.com
Coordinates and implements activities such as coffee hour, parish meals, receptions and special gatherings to provide an atmosphere of warmth to parish members.
Lectors and Intercessors
Judy Dennis: 673-6780 jsocute@comcast.net
Valerie Hungerford: 673-3309 office@coosmilford.org
In the worship service, lectors read the assigned Bible lessons aloud and intercessors lead the prayers of the people.

Liturgy Committee
Elizabeth Rotch: 672-6507 rotch.hill@comcast.net
Works with the rector to coordinate and strengthen the church’s worship services to meet the varied spiritual needs of parishioners.

Memorials Committee
Gail Coad: 673-6753 gbcoad@gmail.com 
Recommends suitable uses of memorial contributions in accord with the wishes of the donor and needs of the parish. Insures the care, use and maintenance of memorials correspond to the purposes for which they were given.
Music Ministry
Carla Carney 
Coordinates the musical elements of the worship services including organ and piano music, adult, children’s and chime choirs, instrumental and voice soloists, and guest performers.

Outreach Committee
Debbie Donnelly: 672-3188 rhdonnelly@aol.com
Coordinates parish efforts for reaching out to the wider world locally, nationally and internationally with our time, talent and treasure; educates parishioners about the needs of others and opportunities for service.
Pastoral Care
Mary Auer: 595-0334 magsabc@comcast.net
Provides love and care to sick, home-bound, elderly, lonely, or bereaved individuals in our community in the form of prayers, cards, visits, flowers, meals, transportation assistance, etc.
Peach Festival
Michael and Staci Therrien: 672-7637 

This hugely popular festival, held the third Sunday in August features treats including homemade peach pies and jam. Crafts, children’s games, live entertainment, foods from the grill and good fellowship make this a must attend summertime favorite.

Safe Church Minister
Sue Tinnin: 801-2945
Oversees the local implementation of the diocese’s Safe Church program designed to make Church a safe place for those who worship, minister, come in need, children and for all who seek to server Christ.

Prayer Shawl Ministry
Sharon Andrews: 673-1524 bandrews@juno.com
Members hand-knit and crochet prayer shawls that are blessed and distributed to those who are ill, grieving, or celebrating a baptism or confirmation, as a visible sign of our parish's love and prayers and of God's unending love and care.

SHARE Community Suppers
Alice Corbett: ajmcorbett@hotmail.com                                                      In concert with other area churches, provides an open community meal at the SHARE Center on the 1st and 3rd (5th) Tuesday of the month - with a goal of feeding and community building for us all.
Stewardship Committee
Frank Chadwick: frank.chadwick@hotmail.com
Coordinates stewardship campaign for time, talent, and treasure; educates parish regarding stewardship of all that God gives us.
Ushers and Greeters
Gail Coad: 673-6753 gbcoad@gmail.com
Greeters are the first faces welcoming folks to church on Sunday mornings. with ushers being the next to give a warm welcome, handing out bulletins and assisting worshippers with whatever needs they might have.

Women’s Ministry
Lu Abbot: 582-0345
Women of the parish gather for both fellowship and to undertake activities that inform and take action in support of church-related issues.

Workcamp/Young Adults
Terry & Beth Kriss: 252-259-7996
Debbie Donnelly: 672-3188 rhdonnelly@aol.com
Provides a diverse range of opportunities for youth to participate in social, educational, spiritual and outreach activities including an annual mission trip.