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The members of each Episcopal parish elect a group of lay persons to the vestry, which functions much like a board of selectmen. The vestry controls the operation of the parish and makes the day-to-day decisions needed to carry on the mission of the congregation. The Church of Our Saviour vestry meets monthly under the leadership of the rector to conduct the business of the church and to hear parish committee reports. Meetings are open to all members of the congregation, though only those elected may vote.
Parish Committees are the heart of the life of the parish in giving leadership to our various ministries.
Our Book of Common Prayer calls members
of each congregation to take their place
"in the life, worship and governance of the Church."
Each January the church holds an annual meeting to set the overall budget for the coming year as well as to elect the vestry and delegates to Diocesan Convention. Occasionally, major decisions that go beyond the scope of the vestry's responsibility are also made at this meeting.
Delegates represent the congregation at the annual Diocesan Convention, the governing body of the diocese. They also participate in a regional convocation. Convocations function as intermediary entities to provide information and communication links betwen the diocese and congregations, and to prepare delegates to make decisions on matters that come before Convention.  

The Red Book of Common Prayer