For over 200 years, the Cooper family has farmed this area and we only sell what we grow.  This is a genuine family-owned working farm.

What we grow is open to the public to pick in the field or you can buy the same produce from our stand.

There are no fees for entry and you pay only for what you pick and you will save money picking your own in the field.

We grow, in season:

 Seedless Watermelons Hot Peppers Cauliflower
String BeansCucumbers Okra    
 Eggplant Brussel Sprouts
Lima Beans
Musk Melons Onions Oriental Eggplant Potatoes
 Fava BeansBlack-eyed Peas  Peppers Broccoli Swiss Chard

...and the World-Famous "Coop's Favorite" Tomatoes

We also have fresh eggs, hay bales and starter plants to give you a head start on your own vegetable garden.

Contact Doug's cell (631) 276-6215 or at the barn (631) 298-5195 for more information.

Cooper Farms   2200 Breakwater Road  Mattituck, New York  11952