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4: 2012 Spring

As from 18 July 2012, the latest version of this page is on the new sydstart site under the agenda menu

The old version of this page is below.

SydStart 2012 Spring is September 10th at Darling Harbour Convention Centre Sydney Australia.
  • Early bird tickets are available now - please book now to avoid disappointment we have limited seating
  • Our fourth major event and we are growing even faster. Attendee numbers used to be only doubling each time, now it is well, exploding!
  • We are lining up some of the best speakers so far in the SydStart series as well as the famous pitchfest.
  • Pitches from the standby list from 2011 Spring will be invited to speak. We will also have updates from successful 'graduates'
  • Suggestions for speakers and pitches are welcome, contact us via service at
  • The rest of the spring season events are being run too - details on the startup spring in sydney page.
Confirmed Speakers
  • Pete Cooper (@pc0) - Founder - SydStart, Great South (,, and a bunch more
    Annual keynote and industry/ecosystem update

  • Mike Cannon-Brookes - Co-Founder - Atlassian
    With 20,000 customers, mainly corporates and software houses spanning 130 countries these guys are doing stuff. Started in a Sydney garage with two guys Mike & Scott.

  • Alec Lynch - Founder -
    77,000 designers and recently raised $3m, Alec pitched at our first SydStart and has come a long way in a very short period of time. 

  • Mick Liubinskas - Co-Founder -
    Home of 25+ startups - Mick gave his now famous focus-focus-focus lecture at our first SydStart and is an industry legend.

  • Dominic O'Hanlon - Chief Strategy Officer - MYOB (exit to private equity)
    Not many people have five major transactions - all exits - totalling $Billions - in blue chip and technology companies. 

  • Matt Barrie - Founder - 
    Worlds largest crowd sourced outsourcing marketplace.

  • Bill Tai - Kitesurfer and US/Australia Investor in 30+ startups including Twitter / Tweetdeck
    Introduction of OzApp awards/showcase and US/Asia industry perspective

  • Taylor Mingos - Founder - (also the German Facebook competitor StudiVZ with Samwer brothers)
    500,000 business customers and deep SME market innovation knowledge

  • Ric Richardson - Inventor - Uniloc
    Are patents good or bad, broken or working? Ric won a $400m case against a major US firm.

  • Gerard Rheinberger - Exploration Director - Rio Tinto -
    Innovation in our biggest global industry from the guy who knows inside one of the largest players ... and what they need from startups.

  • Dr Tom McKaskill 
    Leading Academic

  • Jack Delosa 
    Top 30 under 30, MBE Education, The Entourage, Young Entrepreneurs Unconvention
  • Ruslan Kogan - Founder -
    Progressive Consumer Electronics Retailer

  • Representatives from the new Aussie led international consortium of co-working spaces, incubators and accelerator programs
    In around one dozen of the world's greatest cities to help entrepreneurs reach into international markets.
    • Kim Heras - Founder - PushStart and possibly also Roger Kermode - Co-founder - Pushstart
      Update on progress and briefing on the first crop of graduates from the YC-style accelerator program
    • Niki Scevak - Cofounder - StartMate
      Update on progress and briefing on the second crop of graduates and the next intake from the first Australian YC style program funded largely by founders
    • Nikki Durkin - Founder - 99Dresses
      A fun look at their first hand experience in the US going through the famous original YC program
    • Benjamin Ranck & Benjamin Chong - Directors - Founders Institute Australia
      Update on inaugural graduate companies and plans for next intake.

Pitchfest - Up And Coming - Long List of Pitching 
These speakers will be short listed closer to the event by mini-competition (end August screen day at Fishburners) - by pitch video or presentation or both. you must read the speakers guide page.
  • StyleRocks - Pascal Helyar-Moray - Founder - High end custom jewellery designed and sold online
  • Joe Button - Modi Song - Founder - 
  • - Marius Kramer - Founder - innovative new activity matching community site
  • Tom Piotrowski
  • Zookal - Ahmed Haider & Tia Saunders - rewriting the text book industry
  • Coinr - TBA
  • More to be confirmed, around 8 lined up so far
  • Winners from Founders Institute
  • Selection from Pushstart Accelerator
  • Selection from Startmate 
  • - Taylor Luk -Shop2, Your social shopping catalog with awesome recommendations
  • Cofounder Speed Dating - Ryan Wardell - from the project power up (crowd funding)and cofounder speed dating (entrepreneur tech/biz matching)
  • - Mandy Gunsberger - this baby site has grown to 14 staff already.
  • James McCutcheon - to be advised
  • Crime plays - Anna Bay - a creative entertainment interactive geo mobile app from
  • ddAnalytics - Pete Muldoon - daily deal and grouping buying site aggregator and comparison engine
  • Geodica Touch Pass - Matthew Sinclair - Authentication as a service - makes e-commerce secure/private via location based verification.
  • 8 Contacts - Sean Grobbelaar - connects you to professional networkss who introduce you to 8+ quality contacts.
  • Virtual Co-Worker - Braden Yuill - Remote assistants/resources
  • The Remarkables Group - Lorraine Murphy - The first talent agency for bloggers in Australia
  • GoParcel - James Marin - Free courier app+site to book/pay courier deliveries using close ties with leading national networks
  • Teacher Time - Jesse Black - Helps educators plan, organise, register and find great resources from one location.  Yammer + Dropbox for teachers.
  • Evolvex - Priyanka Rao - Aussie improvement on ikea? Design your own modular furniture delivered to your door flat packed with personalised instructions
  • Process Go - BPO Market - Every back office, Every perspective. Tom Frazier. CEO. Tom Frazier CEO, Doug Hudgeon COO and Matt Allen CTO
  • Update from RecruitLoop
  • Update from InfinityLive
  • Update from General Assembly
  • Update from Business Cofounder Speed Dating

Presentations should be loaded by you on your slideshare or similar account, send us the link and tag it with 'sydstart' and we will do the same so it appears here.  All speakers should read the speaker's guide page too.

SydStart Speakers Wish List

We are aiming to get these people, so help us by dropping them a note and encourage them to confirm if there is a (?) next to their name :-)  Community pressure is the nicest compliment you can get!
  • Bjoern Lasse Herrmann - founder of Startup Compass & Startup Genome - Tentative (Bjoern will be in the US)
  • Ryan Junee ?
  • Richard White
  • Marc Englaro
  • Luke Carruthers
As mentioned recently in a Sydney Morning Herald article (and all these founders have an open invite to speak at SydStart so if you see them tell em to get in touch)
  • 99Designs – Provides businesses with a cheaper, more effective way to outsource graphics design; raised $35 million earlier this year.
  • OzForex – Founded in Sydney in 1998, it's not exactly a startup but online foreign exchange and global payments provider OzForex is one of our biggest high-tech success stories. Managing transactions of over $7 billion a year, late last year it received a whopping $US110 million from Accel.
  • Halfbrick Studios – Based in Queensland, Halfbrick makes popular mobile games including Fruit Ninja, which has sold over 20 million copies.
  • Firemint – Melbourne-based game maker Firemint, which created titles such as Flight Control, sold to US giant Electronic Arts in May. Its founder, Rob Murray, is now worth $24 million.
  • Kaggle – Connecting the world's smartest minds with its toughest problems has generated a huge windfall for Anthony Goldbloom, who has now moved to the US  after raising $US11 million.
  • Grabble – Built to help bricks and mortar retailers take advantage of mobile apps at the checkout, Grabble was acquired by Walmart in November.
  • Filter Squad – Based in Perth, Filter Squad is behind the Discovr range of apps that make it easier to find new apps. It received $1.1m from investors in October and, with more than a million downloads, it's now number 1 in 52 countries on the App Store for its category.
  • Tapulous – Founded by Australian Andrew Lacy, Tapulous created a series of music games for the iPhone and iPad. The company was acquired by the Walt Disney Company in July last year. Andrew is a high priority invite for us to speak at SydStart, if you ar reading this Andrew we would love to welcome you!
  • Chomp – One of the leading app search engines, Chomp, created by Australian serial entrepreneur Ben Keighran, is backed by huge US venture capital firms and counts Ashton Kutcher as an adviser.
  • Catch of the Day – Brothers Gabby and Hezi Leibovich caught the daily deals trend early and in July sold part of their company to a series of investors, including James Packer, for $80 million.
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