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Why Cooper Sydney?


Sydney is one of the best cities in the world for finance, technology and lifestyle. See the Why Sydney page.  


Team - Cooper Sydney has global experience and deep experience in strategic technology spanning over twenty years in blue chip firms around the world. We are a young minded, mid career team. Our founder is widely recognised.

Enduring Values 

Our focus on improving life for stakeholders, sustainability, and ethical business practices are central to our values and also more likely to produce enduring financial and non-financial rewards.


Strategic influence is more than just a job and the rewards are are more than just financial. We get our kicks from delivering ambitious goals with certainty and sharing in the upside fro large institutions via commercial agreements to equity stakes in small startups. It is more than just finding a good financial return, it is about knowing you made a difference. Sharing experience, skills, time and sometime hard earned cash. 


Cooper Sydney has a unique portfolio of  projects and investments in existing growth businesses and new concept businesses with strong global potential and unique value propositions that may be able to add a network effect to your business. We also encourage corporate and individual philanthropy and provide useful directory tools for startups looking for a fast start or seed investors.

Performance Record

Our track record of identifying, working with and growing unique companies is arguably world class but you should decide for yourself, take the next step by contacting us.