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Senior Yearbook Requirements

The Course:
This course offers a unique combination of learning experiences. Skills required and developed in this course include: journalism, photography, planning, time management, sales, marketing and advertising. Familiarity and/or expertise in the following programs should be considered: Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Microsoft Excel, and the Google suite. Students need to be proficient users of DSLR camera equipment. 

This course requires a great deal of mathematics and writing. Students need to be self-motivated, capable of working independently, and thinking creatively. Students will also be required to attend school functions which often take place in the evenings and on weekends. Students in this course will also have to communicate frequently with local businesses and vendors. As the yearbook itself is a product, it is imperative that students are excellent time managers and think like publishers. Due to the nature of this course students should be prepared to live up to very high expectations – as the book is not created just for class, but for purchase by the entire school community and will be evaluated by them.

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