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EDUCATION- I attended Richfield Springs Central School (grades K-12). I grew up locally and played 3 sports in high school, field hockey, basketball & softball. I then attended Elmira College, majoring in Speech & Hearing. I received my B.S. in June 2011 and then attended LeMoyne College. I received my Master's Degree in Special Education with K- 12 certification. I worked in the Sherburne- Earlville School District for 6 years, teaching Special Education at the primary level for 4 years and then 2 years at the intermediate level. 

PERSONAL- I live in Richfield Springs with my husband and 3 daughters. I coach youth softball, and this year youth soccer as well. I am also the Junior Varsity Girls Basketball coach at Cooperstown.

HOBBIES- I am very passionate about athletics, but the one thing I can't get enough of is my children. I enjoy doing things with them such as playing outside, taking pictures of them and my biggest interest is scrapbooking.

If you have a concern or a question on your child's assignment, please contact the teacher of that subject directly. Communication is crucial to your child's education and we all need to play a role in his/her success, but the classroom teacher is the best initial source to ask and then I can contribute as needed. 

Homework Policy- If your child has it stated in their IEP they receive an extension on their homework assignment, the one day is granted when the regular education teacher notifies me that the assignment was not handed in. This usually occurs upon grading of the assignment. If your child has unforeseen circumstances and needs extra time on an assignment, they need to communicate that with me or their regular education teacher.

Many of my students have difficulty studying for test/ quizzes. Everyone has a method that works for them so I feel that it is hard to make students study a certain way. They need to find what works for them, whether it be, flashcards, mnemonic devices or rote memory. Attached is a list of websites that students use when they come to the Resource Room.

www.Quizlet.com~ This website allows me to enter vocabulary words for any class/unit and the students can play games to familiarize themselves with the vocabulary. They can then take practice quizzes and a score is given at the end letting them know which questions they missed along with the correct answer. 
username: smerwin
password: delaney

www.ixl.com~ This website offers all the various Math units and concepts at every grade level. So if your child struggles with word problems, they can practice solving word problems at a younger grade level until they become confident enough to build up their appropriate grade level material. There is a maximum 20 problems per day per computer that you can do for a trial, but it is definitely worth the practice.

www.linkstolearning.com~ This website offers high school students Regents practice questions, and is broken down into the different subject areas.

www.bookshare.org~ If your child is classified with a reading disability, they can access this website and have almost all novels they study in class read aloud for them. A parent/ guardian needs to call the CSE office to get a password so this can be accessed at home as well. 

I am constantly adding the most effective study websites as I find them. If you have any that seem to work for your child please shar