Fourth Grade

Ms. Clark, Mrs. Greenman, and Mrs. Reis


Fourth grade is a busy, fun and challenging year! As they study the history of New York State from the native Iroquois to modern day Cooperstown, the students will become aware of the rich heritage brought to us by the diverse nationalities of people who have settled in the Empire State.

In each of our units of study in science, from oceanography to energy, fourth graders will gain an appreciation for our natural world and the role they have in its conservation. Our fourth grade program is experience based containing many labs, projects, and activities. Our program encourages students to become confident, independent learners who take pride in their work. Students also learn to work together in teams, and to accept and value each other’s differences.


Throughout the year we enhance our curriculum by inviting guests to present programs from their areas of expertise. Peter Pollock will visit our classrooms several times throughout the year to present hands-on activities which correlate with our science curriculum and state standards. On special days, our students will immerse themselves in activities related to a particular unit of study. An example of this will be our Native American Craft Day which will be held in the fall. We will be taking several trips away from school. Our fall and winter trips include the Iroquois Bark House and Fenimore Art Museum, and participation in the Farmers’ Museum Workshops. In the spring, we visit to Hanford Mills Museum and the Otsego County Offices.


Fourth grade is a challenging year for both students and teachers as we prepare for the New York State tests in Language Arts, Math and Science.The State Board of Regents has set higher learning standards for all students, and these tests will challenge our children to demonstrate their ability to read, write, listen and use mathematic and science skills.

Our curriculum is organized to ensure that our students will get extensive practice in problem solving, critical thinking, lab skills, and testing format. In addition, students will practice listening, reading and writing activities,which will help prepare them for the Language Arts Test.

New York State Test Schedule:

*English Language Arts - March 29 - 31, 2022

*Math - April 26 - 28, 2022

*Science - Written - June 6, 2022

- Performance Test - Between May 24 - June 3, 2022 (Exact date yet to be determined.)


Homework is given to provide your child with an opportunity to practice and reinforce academic skills. Daily study times may be given to begin homework assignments in school. However, it is expected that any work not completed in school is to be taken home and completed. To aid in this task, your child has been given an assignment notebook. In the event of an absence, please call the school office to make arrangements to pick-up missed assignments. If there is no specific assignment, students are expected to spend at least half an hour reading, practicing math facts, and other school related activities. At least 20 minutes of reading is recommended each day. Expectations for projects, reports, etc. will be sent home at the time the assignment is given.

Parents can help by providing children with a private place to study, ample books and supplies, and help with time management. It is important the parents be “consultants” standing on the sidelines, providing encouragement and support— as opposed to being participants. Reasonable requests for assistance should be brief. Assistance should consist of clarifying or interpreting directions, demonstrating or giving an example of a particular procedure, or checking work for accuracy, clarity, and completeness. By being a consultant, rather than a participant, you are sending a positive message that says you believe that your child is competent to do the work on his or her own. If your child consistently struggles with homework, please schedule a conference.

Homework can help your child become successful in the skills of responsibility, perseverance, time management, self-reliance, and resourcefulness.

Cooperstown Central School