Grain and Beans

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Soybeans and Wheat are allergens!

Please be aware of these allergens as you harvest this year’s dry edible bean crop. 

Today’s markets demand Good Agricultural Practices. 

It is impossible to remove all soybeans from a combine without a complete tear down.  We suggest running corn through the combine to flush the machine completely.

Also, please make sure your trucks, trailers and gravity wagons are free of allergens.  By thoroughly sweeping them out, you can ensure that they are allergen free.

If soybeans are visible in the load or found in the grade sample, dockage fees may apply or we may need to reject the load as follows:

Dockage:      $5.00 cwt

                       2 – 5 soybeans from tailgate sample                 (3 to 5 pounds) will result in dockage                 fees.


Rejection:   Greater than 5 soybeans detected

              from tailgate sample (3 to 5 pounds). 


Today’s supply chain has a zero tolerance for allergens.

You worked hard all season to bring the crop to the bin.  Please continue this process by delivering a crop without allergens.