Weekend Student Organization (WSO)

The Weekend Student Organization's goal is help make sure that classes that students need and want are offered on the weekend so that those whose schedules don't allow for morning and afternoon classes are able to take the necessary classes they need to graduate.  The Weekend Student Organization also tries to make sure that there are events offered during the weekends during each term so that students who are not able to make weekday events are given an opportunity to network and attend events.
Each term our members are given the opportunity to vote on which electives they'd like offered on the weekends in upcoming terms.  Toward the end of each term we have a lunch with the Dean, which offers a great opportunity to sit down with one of our Deans and discuss current topics and events surrounding not only the Cooley community, but also the general legal and non-legal communities.  We also try to partner up with the Office of Career and Professional Development at least once a term to put on a presentation or have a guest speaker come in to speak with students.