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Info for Commuting Students

Students who fly:

- Become a member of EVERY airlines frequent flyer program. They give preferential treatment to their rewards members including "finding" you a seat on a booked flight.

-Link your credit/debit cards to your travel in order to get frequent flyer awards whenever you use it.

-Sign up for flight alerts at airfarewatchdog.com so everytime the price drops, you get an email!

-Dont be afraid to use more than one airline.

What to do if your flight is delayed/cancelled:

-Find out when the next flight will be becuase you will be automatically be bumped to the next one.

-Find out when the flight will be able to get you to class.

-Notify your professor immediately if you will be late or missing class
What to do if you are having car trouble:

- Pull safely to the side of the road and call for help

-Get a AAA membership (very helpful if you get a flat on the side of the road or need a tow

-Program emergency numbers in your phone

-Make sure your spare tire is inflated to the correct pressure


On the main Cooley page there is a listing of rental housing, condos and hotels in the area. Please see the link below:

Housing in Lansing
Winterizing your car tips

-Check your battery

-Check your tires

Be sure to carry in your trunk:

-Salt and/or sand in your trunk in case you get stuck and need traction. It also helps to weigh the car down to improve traction in the snow.

-A shovel

-A blanket

-Food/snacks and water

-Jumper cables and a flashlight

-Check belts, and hoses

-Windshield wipers and fluid

-Check antifreeze (try to get a 50/50 mixture of antifreeze and coolant)