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Executive Board 2012 - 2013

"Get to know your Executive Board"



Antonio Burries

Hometown: Southfield, MI

Undergrad: Michigan State University; East Lansing, MI

Degree:  Bachelor of Arts in Communication/Specialization in Sales 


Term: 5th

Field of law I would like to work in: Contracts

Why did I decide to study law: My dream since I was a kid was to be a sports attorney because of its combination of sports, travel and interpersonal communication during the negotiation process.  After interning at a local sports agency I was able to see the hard-work  preciseness and diligence that an attorney as to maintain and that is when I was sure this was the profession for me

Why am I apart of SELS: I chose to be a part of SELS because I felt that SELS would be a great networking organization that would make a great impact on my life and career.  Also, SELS is an organization that I felt I could make a difference in by bringing my ideas and hard-work to in order to benefit other students to advance in the sports and entertainment field.
Vice-President of Entertainment
Donovan Grant

Hometown: I'm from Brooklyn, NY

Undergraduate Studies. I attended Norfolk State University in Norfolk, VA from 2004- 2008. I graduated with a B.A. In Political Science/Pre-Law.

Thomas M. Cooley Law School: I began my studies at Cooley in the Fall of 2011, I am currently in my 5 term at Cooley and I am a 2nd Year Law student. After graduating from Cooley I hope to practice in the fields of Property Law, Family Law, and Entertainment Law.

Why study Law? I am a strong believer in not being taken advantage of, and in life a lot of times people are ignorant to certain things because of lack of information and knowledge of the situations that they involve themselves in. Law is a field of study that enables me to have some sort of control about why and what things are happening, and my ability to solve them.

Why apart of SELS?
 I joined SELS on the basis that it deals with two interest of study that I enjoy and that is both Sports and Entertainment. It was an organization that I felt had the potential of being something even more than it was. Although, it is a field of study that is not easy to enter into, it is an organization that Is another way to reach out to Cooley students as well as the Community.

Vice-President of Sports
Charles "Scott" LaPeer

Hometown: Ocala, FL

Undergrad: Liberty University

Degree: B.S. in Communications - Broadcasting

Term: 5th term

Field of law: Litigation (civil or criminal - undecided)

Why I chose law school: Because I wanted to do something with my life that would enable me to live comfortably, and in one place for a long time. I wanted to seek a career more conducive to eventually establishing a family.

Why I'm in SELS: Sports are my passion and I wanted to learn and experience more about the legal aspects of sports.
Jessica Evangelista

Hometown: Washington Heights, New York 

Undergrad/grad schools: Brooklyn College
Degrees: B.S. in Business Management and Finance 

term at Cooley: 4th Term

field of law you wish to work in: Sports and Entertainment, Immigration, Education 

why did you decide to study law: I really wanted to be a singer but since I can't hold a single note I figured I can be close to an artist or two by representing them.

why are you apart of SELS: I am apart of SELS because I my vast interest in sports and Entertainment. Additionally networking and share previous experience is important with in Sports and entertainment. 
Danielle LaGuerre

Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Undergrad/grad schools: East Stroudsburg University

Degrees: Bachelors of Arts in Political Science

Term at Cooley: 4th

Field of law you wish to work in: Corporate

Why did you decide to study law: Decided to study
law because I wanted to make a difference in peoples’ lives by
educating them in the field of law and using it to their advantage
when needed.

Why are you apart of SELS: I am a part of SELS
because I would like to handle contracts and dealing with the
entertainment and sports industry is an area that would allow me to
practice this.
Henry Floyd

Hometown: Gulfport, Mississippi
Undergrad/grad schools: University of Southern Mississippi
Degrees: Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and Paralegal Studies and an Associate's Degree in Political Science
term at Cooley: 5th term
field of law you wish to work in: Criminal Defense, Medical Malpractice, Legislative Law (with emphasis in public relations), Entertainment Law, International Law
why did you decide to study law: I decided to study law because I want to provide clients with quality representation - something most people do not receive today. Also, I love helping people but did not want to go to medical school so law school was the way to go!!!
why are you apart of SELS: I decided to become a part of SELS in order to learn more about the entertainment aspect of the law. I love public relations and wanted to network with successful people in order to see if this area was really as interesting and exciting as I imagined it would be.
Tanya Reynolds

Hometown: Boston, MA

Undergrad/grad schools: University of Central Florida

Degrees: Legal Studies

Term at Cooley: 3rd term

Field of law you wish to work in: Sports, criminal, and real estate law

Why did you decide to study law: To know my rights so I can teach others theirs.

Why are you apart of SELS: I would love to have a career within sports law, and this is the first step towards achieving that goal. Also, to network not only with the public but with fellow students.
Philanthropy Coordinator
Rebecca Alshefski

Hometown: Drums, PA

Undergrad/grad schools: The Pennsylvania State University

Degrees: Marketing and Labor and Employment Relations

Term at Cooley: 4th term

Field of law you wish to work in: Sports or corporate law

Why did you decide to study law: I ultimately decided to study law in order to succeed more quickly in the business world.

Why are you apart of SELS: I joined SELS to gain a better understanding of how the sports and entertainment legal fields operate.  Also, being a member of such an organization is an excellent networking tool.
 Faculty Advisor
Prof. Linda Kisabeth