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What is Moot Court?

Moot court is an activity and competition in which law students participate in the preparation and arguing of appellate cases in front of a panel of judges.  The students are given a case problem, a side to represent, and a set amount of time to prepare for the competition trial.

Moot court members research their given side, write an appellate brief following the rules of the given jurisdiction, and then present their oral arguments in front of the judges.  During their oral arguments, the judges are at liberty to ask questions at any time and the students must respond accordingly; thus, an extensively profound understanding of the facts of the case, their arguments, and their opponents' arguments is essential.

Why participate in Moot Court?

Legal employers love students who have participated in Moot Court because the students have spent many hours perfecting the legal analytical, research, and writing skills that are a must have for practicing attorneys.  Moot Court on a resume lets an employer know that the student has been learning to form and communicate legal arguments for a year or more and if they have already spent a great deal of time in law school on these tasks, the newly hired attorney can hit the ground running without the need for rigorous training.

The Moot Court Board Presents 
The Michaelmas 2016 
Melissa Mitchell Criminal Procedure Competition

Congratulations to the winner of the Melissa Mitchell Competition 

Alexander Card 

Runner-ups Susan Nilon and Byron Longworth

 For more information, please contact MootCourt-TampaBay@cooley.edu

Pictured from Left to Right- Robert Johnson (Treasurer), Jennifer Egbert (Secretary), Amey Duran (Office Manager), Jill Albury (Chief Justice), Sierra Whitaker-Davis (Vice Chair), and Tim Sairra (Chief Justice Elect)

Hilary 2017 Executive Board:
Jill Albury  - Chief Justice
Tim Saitta - Elect Chief Justice
Sierra Whitaker-Davis  - Vice Chair
Jennifer Egbert - Secretary
Amey Duran - Office Manager/Research Chair
Rob Johnson  - Treasurer

2017 Moot Court Board Members:
Jill Albury
Tim Saitta 
Sierra Whitaker-Davis
Jennifer Egbert 
Amey Duran 
Rob Johnson 
Courtney Hutchison 
Tomas Yi
Neil Patel
Jennifer Diaz
Cynthia Pritchett
Alex Card
Andrew Yatkman
Susan Nilon
Byron Longworth