National Teams

National Moot Court Competition Teams

Cooley Law School sends students across the United States (all expenses are covered) to compete against other law school students. Past competitors have been awarded the “Best Brief,” “Best Advocate” and even "Competition Winners" at national competitions. Try-outs for national teams are typically held week 13 or 14 at the end of each term. To be eligible for try-outs you must do one of the following: Advance in the Intra-School Competition; be a top ten advocate in the Intra-School Competition; or obtain an A or A- in either the Intra-School Moot Court Class, Advanced Writing or Scholarly Writing.

Cooley alumni are known throughout the country for their litigation skills. Within the past year students have won awards ranging from a "Top 10 Best Brief" to even winning the entire competition! National trial teams prepare students for a career in litigation by exposing them to the appellate trial process and allowing students to litigate against another team.  National Moot Court competitions gives Cooley students a chance to compete against other schools at the national level.  Students prepare an appellate brief and present an oral argument before a panel of judges.  Students put in hours of hard work writing and editing their appellate briefs before submitting them. They also put in hours of practice preparing to argue in front of a bench of experienced judges and lawyers that will interrupt them with questions as they argue their side. National Moot Court teams are a unique and valued experience because it allows students to actually litigate an appellate case in real courthouses and be treated as lawyers.

Current National Teams for Hilary 2017

National Moot Court- Tampa Bay: Las Vegas March 2017

National Moot Court - Lansing:                                
National Moot Court - GR:
Illinois Appellate - Lansing
Illinois Appellate - GR
National Pretrial:
National Veterans Law Moot Court Competition:
National Appellate Advocacy Competition:

Past National Teams

Whittier (Juvenile Law) - Coach: Professor Calogero
Nina DiPadova & Heather Kleinhardt / Chris Brigman & Angelina Clarke

ABA National Appellate Advocacy - Coach: Professor Calogero
Michael Marcum & Joshua Hershberger

ABA National Appellate Advocacy - Coach: Professor Nussbaumer
Derek Levinsky & Lowell Johnson

American Constitution Society - Coach: Professor Calogero
Robert DeVries & James Kreitler / Cornelius Rotteveel & Anna White

Frederick Douglass - Coach: Professor Dotson
Benaejah Simmons & Dennis McCloud

Pace Environmental Law- Coach: Professor Witte
Lauren Malm, Alisa Gilmore & Fatmir Kajoshaj

Jessup Team - Coach: Professor Finnegan & Professor Carrie
Amber Brehm, Tyler Boyd, Patrick Huggins, Joshua Mikrut, and Erik Overlid.

Congratulations to all who auditioned!  You would not have been able to audition if you had not already shown great skill and potential in moot court.  If you were not placed on a team this time, do not be discouraged!  There are other opportunities on the horizon - stay tuned for updates and announcements for try-outs.