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Intra-School Competition

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Intra-School Moot Court Competition

The Intra-School Moot Court Competition is made up of competitors enrolled in the Moot Court Intra-School class. The class is required for litigation concentrations and highly recommended to be competitive in the legal field. This competition differs from the First-Year Competition because students do the case law research themselves and submit an appellate brief that composes of half of their grade in the class. Competitors argue both positions of the case (petitioner and respondent). The Moot Court Board is responsible for setting up and assisting students with practice rounds for oral arguments.

Typically sections for the Intra-School class fill up quickly with students close to graduation, however, early admission can be obtained by either advancing or receiving an award for top ten advocate in the First-Year Competition. Completing the Intra-School class early in law school gives students an opportunity to try-out and compete for a national team.

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