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First Year Competition Eligibility Requirement

Please Note the Following Eligibility Requirements for Participation in the Melissa Mitchell Criminal Procedure

First Year Moot Court Competition

The Melissa Mitchell First-Year Criminal Procedure Competition is open to Thomas M. Cooley

Law School students who meet the following criteria:

1. The student must be currently enrolled in Criminal Procedure;
2. The student must NOT have previously voided, dropped, or failed Criminal Procedure;
3. The student must be in his or her fourth term or lower, OR have thirty-six (36) or fewer credits; and
4. The student must NOT be currently enrolled in the Intra-School Moot Court Class.

Procedure if you do NOT meet the Eligibility Requirements

Any student who wishes to compete, but does not meet these requirements, may seek permission to compete by submitting a petition to compete to the Chairperson of the E-Board.  The chairperson will only grant a petition to compete where there are extenuating circumstances. Students will be notified of the Chairperson’s decision within 24 hours after the Chairperson receives the petition. All petitions must be submitted to the Chairperson three (3)days prior to the last day to register for that term’s competition, and must:

1. Be in the format of a cover letter;
2. Be typed;
3. Be no longer than two (2) pages; and
4. Explain why the student should be granted permission to compete.

Appealing the Chairperson’s Denial of a Petition to Compete

If a student’s petition is denied, he or she may appeal the decision to the Faculty Advisor.  Appeals must be received by the Faculty Advisor, Evelyn Calogero (, 24 hours before the registration deadline for the competition. The standard of review for an appeal of the denial is abuse of discretion.