What is Moot Court?

 Appellate level oral advocacy. In Moot Court, you are arguing in front of mock justices of the United States Supreme Court. While you are presenting your argument, the justices are asking questions to test your knowledge of the laws, the facts of the case, your professionalism, and your persuasiveness. Unlike Mock Trial, Moot Court has no jurors or witnesses – just you, the judges, and the law!

Every term the Moot Court Board…

Ø  Has general board meetings on “even” weeks throughout the term

Ø  Holds the Melissa Mitchell Criminal Procedure Moot Court Competition

Ø  Selects a charity to serve

Ø  Partakes in social events to strengthen the bond between members

Ø  Assists in judging the practice rounds for the Intra-School Moot Court Class

Ø  Volunteers with the Michigan Youth and Government program by coaching Middle School and High School students on their oral arguments and debates

Ø  Listens to the Nation Team testimonials

Ø  Hosts an End of Term Banquet

And much, much more!