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Dahlia Seligman

Jessie Wells

 Dahlia (Left)
Hometown: Ontario, Canada
College/University: University of Ottawa
Undergrad Degree: Honors Bachelor of Arts, Major in Ethics and Society, Minor in French as a Second Language
Why mock trail: I believe that the skills and knowledge obtained during Mock Trial competitions are essential for making the best litigation attorneys. Personally, I decided that after competing in the First Year Competition, I would devote most of my time to the Mock Trial Board. I wanted to help other students to learn the ins and outs of the courtroom and litigation the way that I did through competing, and the way I will continue to learn in future competitions. Mock Trial is a great way to get practical experience of the material you learnt in class.

Jessie (Right)
Hometown: Michigan
College/University: Olivet College
Undergrad Degree: BA in Criminal Justice and Psychology
Why mock trail:I wanted to join Mock Trial because it seemed like a great organization to get involved in and the competitions would teach me valuable skills for my future career. Also the community involvement and community service that they provide others each term is outstanding.