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 Donovan Grant

Israel "Izzy"Castillo

Donovan (Right) 

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
College/University: Norfolk State University in Norfolk, VA
Undergraduate Degree: B.A. in Political Science
Why Mock Trial: I think a lot of times people need to take a risk and do things that they may not be comfortable with. In the past I've been a bad public speaker. Doing the Mock Trial Competitions I've found out that I was more comfortable being in front of people doing arguments and at its a great experience.

Israel (Left) 

Hometown: Miami, Florida
College/University: Florida International University
Undergraduate Degree: Political Science Concentration in Political Theory
Why Mock Trial "The Common lawes of the Realme should by no means be delayed for the law is the surest sanctuary, that a man should take, and the strongest fortresse to protect the weakest of all, lex et tutissima cassis."Sir Edward Coke, in the Institutes of the Laws of England, Second Part, vol. 1 (1642).  I read this when reading Coke's Institutes of the Laws, and it gave me a sense of duty to partake in litigation.  Given this, Mock Trial came along and I felt why shouldn't I join this prestige organization?  Since I've been a Executive Board Member, its been nothing short than growth and fulfillment.