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Competitions Committee

Andrea Randall (Left)

Hometown: Houghton Lake, Michigan
College/University: Loyola University Chicago
Undergrad Degree: Political Science
Why Mock Trail: to familiarize myself with the trial process, improve my litigation and public speaking skills, and work as part of a team to make a positive impact on my school.  

Lori Montgomery (Center)

Hometown: Toronto, Canada
College/University: Ryerson University
Undergraduate DegreeCriminal justice with a minor in Psychology
Why Mock Trial I joined mock trial to develop my skills as a litigator, to improve my public speaking, and to help others develop their litigation skills. I believe you shouldn't complete law school without competing in at least one mock trial -- even if you don't want to become a litigator. It's better to learn now then when you are out in the real world dealing with real clients. 

Jennifer Reed (Right)

Hometown: Jamestown, New York
College/University: SUNY, Fredonia
Undergrad Degree: Criminal Justice
Why Mock Trail:  to gain experience beyond what is taught in the class room from professionals 
and practice.