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Competitions Committee

Sam Cimino (Left)

Hometown: Shreveport, LA / Spring, TX
College/University: Stephen F. Austin State University
Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor Business Administration, Marketing
Why Mock Trial:  I enjoy public speaking.  The analytical and communication skills, coupled with having to think on your feet, are invaluable skills gained from mock trial, all of which are applicable to any field of law one wishes to practice. 

Lori Montgomery (Center)

Hometown: Toronto, Canada
College/University: Ryerson University
Undergraduate DegreeCriminal justice with a minor in Psychology
Why Mock Trial I joined mock trial to develop my skills as a litigator, to improve my public speaking, and to help others develop their litigation skills. I believe you shouldn't complete law school without competing in at least one mock trial -- even if you don't want to become a litigator. It's better to learn now then when you are out in the real world dealing with real clients. 

Romain Peyret (Right)

Hometown: Titusville, Florida 
College/University:  University of Central Florida
Undergraduate Degree: Legal Studies, with a minor criminal justice. Certification in criminal law and litigation.
Why Mock TrialI chose mock trial because I want to be a litigator and mock trial would give me some experience. I enjoy being in a courtroom and putting a trial together.