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Charity/Volunteer Events

Mock Trial- AH Chairty and Volunteer Events
Wednesday, March 12 @ 4-10 p.m. Mongolian Grill Benefit Night Fundraiser Event! Please email Laura at for more details. Coupon at the bottom of this page. Please print it and bring it with you to the event.

Wednesday, March 12 @ 5:30 p.m. in rm 145 Voir Dire Seminar
Bill Cataldo, Chief of Homicide at the Macomb County Prosecutor's Office, will be directing students through jury Voir Dire. This seminar will be over two weeks, with the first day focusing on lecture and teaching how to perform jury selection. The second day will focus on students actually conducting a Voir Dire and getting critiqued. Students are encouraged to attend both dates. The seminar will be very interactive so be ready to participate. By the end, everyone should have a much better idea how to pick a case winning jury! Business casual dress recommended.


Professor v. Professor Event

Professor v. Professor Mock Trial Event

Prof. Langham, Prof. Gerhsel, Laura DeSanto (Criminal Law Society President) Judge Richards,  Care House Rep., Dean Halushka, and Prof. Catoldo

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Feb 13, 2014, 3:26 PM