Intra-School Competition

    The Intra-School Competition (ISC) is unlike any competition at Cooley, as all campuses compete against each other to discover the top Cooley litigant. It is designed for those students who wish to challenge themselves with a full trial.

    This competition is two weekends, and it's focus is getting you to think like a lawyer! Prepare your case for preliminary rounds against your own campus, including opening and closing statements, direct and cross examination of witnesses, and presentation of exhibits. Take the week off for recess; and the following weekend, you're back in the court room to argue against the top litigants from your sister campuses.

    A working knowledge of the Federal Rules of Evidence is strongly recommended, but anyone who has completed Evidence is encouraged to compete. Completion of Trial Skills or participation in a National Team is not a bar to this competition.

    Students may compete in more than one ISC if they have not advanced to the Quarter-Finals in a prior ISC (does not apply to students who competed in the ISC prior to 2011). This is a singles competition, and competitors are responsible for providing their own witnesses. As always, there will be competitor workshops and practice rounds held by the Mock Trial Executive Board to help competitors prepare.

    Competition Prerequisites: Students must have completed Evidence to compete. Students that have not advanced to the quarterfinals or beyond in any prior ISC. Students compete individually. Students must provide their own witnesses. Rules of Evidence apply.